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  1. Sports Talk
    I posted it in the MMA thread but it's worthy of it's own. This is fuckin' awesome. Young MMA fan with Down Syndrome gets his wish: Time in the octagon with former UFC fighter Nate Quarry - The Washington Post Morning Report: Nate Quarry comes out of retirement to help make one young man's...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    1986 Kramer Triax Pearlescent Burgundy > Guitars : Electric Solid Body - Apple Music :lol: Just heard that Apple Music in portland is going away so the owner is selling off a good chunk of his collection. I remember seeing this thing hanging way up by the ceiling and always wanted to play it...
  3. General Music Discussion
    After roughly 24 hours of traveling half around the world and finally being home, I can post about this. I didn't even know about this until the day it was supposed to happen. I drove up for 2 hours and got lost a couple of times but I eventually made it :lol: I arrived late at the show and...
  4. Musician Classifieds
    I know we are definitely not a metal band...but I figured I'd post something here anyways: The Hollow Glow is seeking a Pro-Level Guitar player with the ability to sing vocal harmony - Male or Female 25-35. R ehearsals are in Portland, ME. Influences: NEW SCHOOL: A Perfect Circle, Muse, Foo...
  5. Musician Classifieds
    Anybody in Portland Oregon who can actually fucking play? This is getting pathetic. I'm into some reasonably technical and progressive stuff and am pretty dedicated to continuously improving in terms of both technique and musical identity. Currently tuned A and F# standard and play 6,7, and 8...
  6. General Music Discussion
    If you are in the Portland, OR. area, come on down! I think we are filming another DVD there too. :agreed:
1-6 of 7 Results