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    Meet the New 2018 SE Models! The Chris Robertson guitar looks awesome and the multi-foil finish looks pretty sweet.
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    Just got this in earlier today and haven't spent too much time with it yet. My first impressions are the matte finished neck (not a fan of finished necks) and its profile feels great, kind of reminds me of my Les Paul's Classic 1960's slim taper neck profile. The quilt veneer top looks pretty...
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    In the last couple of months I've picked up a couple of PRS SE exotic wood guitars, that I am chuffed to bits with. A Custom 24 Zebrawood Ltd and a Tremonti Custom Ebony. I've previously owned a couple of full blown USA PRSs and a much earlier SE. But these 2 are my favourites. Superb build...
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    Saw this yesterday but forget to post it. Dont know if they are Europe Only... PRS Europe does a sweet limited-edition model, and its new run of Maple Limited SE Custom 24 guitars is no exception. The limited model offers a maple fretboard that gives PRS's iconic bird inlays a blackout...
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    Just saw it on my YT subscription page, go get them while they still have them: =YouTube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=-DHBkm177s0
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    So, another instrument going to fund some jazz guitars. Let's see.. Condition - solid 9.8 of 10. There's a fingernail indentation near the blade switch I can't photograph because it is super tiny, but it has a HUGE affect on the sound of the guitar. HUGE and CLASSY. Pickups - She has a pair of...
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    I've been bad for not posting purchases lately, so am doing a bunch now. :lol: I picked this up about a month ago. It's an SE Singlecut from a few years ago - I'm pretty sure it's from right around the transition to the 245, but I haven't bothered actually dating it yet. I've been thinking...
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    I'm only including one picture of each guitar to start with, if you're seriously interested let me know and I will get you more. Shipping in the US only please. Sterling JP170D in Ruby Red. About as mint condition as it gets, can't find a single flaw with it. Maybe light surface scratches, no...
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    Is there a video (hell even a set of instuctions with pics would do) that explains how to setup a tremolo on a PRS? Im mainly looking at how to properly set the 6 set? screws. Im having issues not being able to lower my action on my PRS SE CU24. The saddle is bottomed out and the trem is sitting...
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    I love this guys work in general, and i love seeing stuff thats not the typical guitar paint jobs
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    I've been looking at PRS for a while now and the more I look the more I get confused and a little intimidated. My price point is around $800-$1k USD so I can't afford super high end PRS. I've played three; a SE 7 string, SE 6 string and CU24 Guitar Center Artist Package special edition with an...
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    Its up on sweetwater right now PRS SE Mark Holcomb - Holcomb Burst | Price isnt that bad for what all you get. It even comes with his sig pickups which is a plus.
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    After a 4 month wait, my PRS S2 has arrived. I put in my order before the price hike, turns out it only went up $20 :lol:. This was assembled the 10th of last month, making it a month old today. I like to think it was "built to my order" (I'm aware it was simply built :P). On to the pics. This...
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    inb4 :djent: :dgaf:, but these specs at that price... Holy damn.
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    PRS SE Fredrik Akesson Signature This is basically an SC245 import with an ebony board, darker plastic bird inlays, jumbo frets, and a Tonepros bridge. It is in great shape. I bought it new a couple years ago and I never play it. It comes with a PRS SE gigbag, which is actually really nice...
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    Selling my 7-string PRS, great condition. Can't find any dings/dents/scratches, has some normal pick swirling but otherwise solid condition. $400 shipped in the US for this one!
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    Here I found a mint, brand new (nos) PRS s2 custom 24, at a killer price, I was so excited...and then the guitar showed up... I'm so bummed as I wanted to keep and love it, the seller has been great about it but they said PRS won't cover it under warranty since it happened during shipping...