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    I am such a dickhead! I had my tailpiece all the way down on my Les Paul. I raised it up a bunch and HOLY SHIT, my tone was massively improved! Sustain and overall fullness was there. Anyone else a fucking asshole like me with having the tailpiece too low??? Quick & sloppy Carcass noodle...
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    From the same guy who played War Ensemble on Ukelele, here's his new cover
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    Okay, I have a problem. I admit it. Shaboon's guitar has bewitched me, and I must have it. This goes WAY beyond G.A.S. Here is what I have, and normally would not put up for sale (were I not under a spell): Ibanez Prestige S5427- w/ ohsc - new earlier this year, never gigged, only practiced...
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    Wirelessly posted (Hivemind) Somewhat of an extension to the gardening thread. Anybody grow meat? I was looking at raising rabbits, but I think jess would butcher me if I butchered a rabbit, so I'm preparing to start raising quail. The goal is enough quail to eat 2 meals a week (5 or 6 birds...
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    Buffett: Tax cuts for all but the rich - Video - Business News Not on the middle class, but on the very richest? Go right ahead. Simple, persuasive argument, from one of the most successful financial minds in American history. (As well as a personal hero of mine.) In fact, he says maybe even...
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    Danny's jazz chops are on much better display than they usually are. It is amazing the depth that this guy had. Holy shit, wait until it gets to 2:11. :holy:
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    :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: ....:pops: :pops: :pops: .... :pops: :pops: .... :pops: :pops: .....:pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: .... :pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: ........:pops: :pops: ..........:pops: :pops: :pops: :pops: ..........:pops: :pops...