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    'The Outer Ones' is out today. Pretty solid death metal album and leans more towards death metal than the majority of the previous albums. Dave Davidson is a beast as usual and as usual the guitar playing is quite interesting and technical as fuck at times.
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    I'm digging this
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    "Communion": Listen to a New Revocation Song Right Now!!! | MetalSucks :windmill: That is all.
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    Get Up Close to Revocation Performing 'Spastic' | Jackson® Guitars Blog :agreed: Gotta love these dudes
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    Exclusive Track Premiere: Revocation's "Invidious" (Featuring The Banjo!) | MetalSucks what a great band these guys are!
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    Bad ass song. Something a little different sounding. I didnt realise that they kicked off the Perhiphery tour in Worcester the other night either. :mad:
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    Awesome show, nice venue, great sound, and lots of my friends there, including members of 3 of the bands (Scaphism, Sexcrement, and Revocation). Just would have been nice if there wasn't a baseball game last night...traffic sucked when I was trying to get there, and since I wasn't willing to...