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  1. General Music Discussion
    After shoveling a shit ton of snow all day, I recorded this in an hour
  2. General Music Discussion
    This is pretty damn cool. :yesway: You have to like this guy. He's low key had an absolutely monster career and you never hear a single bad thing about him. (Or, really, any of the SR dudes.)
  3. General Music Discussion
    It's been driving me nuts since yesterday when Alan made me want a Ceriatone amp, starts around 6:55
  4. Member Introductions
    I've been playing guitar for about 8 years. I started off with alternative rock type stuff before getting into metal of all sorts. I currently play a Japanese SG copy I picked up for next to nothing through a Randall Diavlo 45 plugged into a Mesa 4x12, but this rig is far too big for my needs...
  5. General Music Discussion
    Been spinning this disc lately and this riff really jumped out. Starts around :55
  6. General Music Discussion
    Kiko's answer to some of the comments that he was playing it wrong Yeah.. internet random dudes telling the Bands Lead guitarist he was wrong for the past 3 years.
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    Any ideas on my current "youtube template"? I scrolled through some more "Thumas" Kemper profiles and one reminded a little about Panteras "Cowboys From Hell" so I simply played that riff to try it out, but it's NOT a attempt to "nail the mix" because I didn't even listen to the original for...
  8. General Music Discussion inspired by Beastie Boys Intergalactic. The 'another dimension, another dimension...' bit. The rhythm there is the same as the LTE song's main riff. Did a quick search, and there's an old Portnoy interview, in which he says he wrote it after hearing that BB song. The More You Know!
  9. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Hey everyone. So i've been trying to harmonize this riff that I made. It's just, I did harmonize it, but I don't like the way it sounds. It sounds a bit off... I don't know. Here's a screenshot of the tablature; Here's a video of it. I play the riff once with the harmony guitar muted, then...
  10. Music: Recording Studio
    Listen to this! :flex: Instead of throwing in 2 million profiles per pack, they have just a few, from which I understand, are multimiced and "carefully selected" or something. I think the Rectifier pack only have like 7 profiles, but all sounds like...
  11. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! My name's Kenny. I wanted to introduce myself and share a riff. I've only been playing metal for a year. And yes I know I need a metronome! Can someone tell me the subgenre of metal this fits? Can someone help me out with the key (I believe it's D natural minor). I'm playing a...
  12. General Music Discussion
    This should be easy enough and only requires the attention span of a gnat. :lol: Just record favorite riffs and post. Then someone else goes, lets participate :highfive: I will go first, I think I played it wrong cause went off memory. Try and guess anyway. :yesway...
  13. General Music Discussion
    So there was a thread here at some point with Jari from Wintersun playing random riffs, and I remember seeing that one riff from "Sons of Winter and Stars" that just sounds like a shitfest of notes and string skipping, but it's played so gawd damn tight that I don't even. This one: (skip to...
  14. General Music Discussion
    Testament Guitarist'''s Dragonlord Mixing Third Album - Not sure if anyone here is a fan of Dragonlord, but Eric Peterson is a fucking riff master, and new anything from him is welcome from me.
  15. General Music Discussion
    This is way up there.
  16. General Music Discussion
    As it makes me want to windmill.
  17. Music: Recording Studio
    Not sure if anyone uses this but now is a good time to try it out its on a half price sale.
  18. Music: Recording Studio
    Quick clip of a riff idea using my Ibanez TAM10, Pod HD500 (rhythm tone) and Guitar Rig 4 (weird clean tone). I just had Allan Marcus of Astral/Strandberg do a set up on the TAM10 and was eager to record something with it. Enjoy! :metal:
1-20 of 46 Results