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  1. General Music Discussion
    This is one of my projects, the recording is far from perfect, the second guitar tone is far from fitting, the vocals aren't out of the tombs, it's not the tightest, but that's what we do. Our influences range from Death Metal to Hardcore, from Obituary and Bolt Thrower to Merauder and All Out...
  2. General Music Discussion
    Dream Theater - Dream Theater re-signs with Roadrunner Records And the usual great commentary from MS: On Dream Theater's Decision To Re-Sign with Roadrunner Records Warner Music Group | MetalSucks
  3. General Music Discussion
  4. General Music Discussion
    At The Skylines Signs To Roadrunner Records i know most of you will hate our music due to your deep-inset hatred of breakdowns, but were not your average "only play breakdowns until the techno/trance chorus" kind of band, and this is a great day in my life, so be encouraging anyway, yeah? :lol:
  5. General Music Discussion
    Rush Signs With Roadrunner, Preps New Album for 2012: Exclusive | Now we wait for Rush to turn into generic ''metal'' crap.
  6. General Music Discussion
    Wow, i didnt see that one coming, crazy, i read it on wiki
  7. General Music Discussion
    Our buddies in Baptized In Blood just signed to Roadrunner Records! These guys have worked hard and have a solid album and live show to back it up, and apparently are working on a new album for 2010. If you haven't heard these guys before, give them a listen. Best way I could describe them is...
  8. Metal News Feeds
    Roadrunner Records announced today the signing of Las Vegas rock band 7TH SON to their roster. Labeled as "a rag tag bunch of Turks", they hail from Las Vegas and retain the same management as TRIVIUM and SEEMLESS. Listen to some of their new music. More...
  9. Metal News Feeds
    Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar will release a new album on Loud & Proud Records on November 18. Cosmic Universal Fashion marks the first official release for Loud & Proud, a Roadrunner Records imprint focusing on established artists.* The title track and first single, "Cosmic Universal Fashion,"...
1-9 of 9 Results