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  1. General Music Discussion
    Re-written and re-recorded song from older album! Go nuts! :flex:
  2. General Music Discussion
    The last and final Rocka Rollas album is out now! After a few years I have given up on finding any skilled/useable musicians to make this band work and decided to simply put this band in the grave. I couldn't find any drummers or singers to match my needs and I wasn't going to lower my...
  3. General Music Discussion
    Finally... NEW SONG from CELTIC KINGS!!!! I can finally present a song from the "legendary album" RRs fans have been asking about for years... And I've never been so nervous about uploading a song because I've also never put so much fucking passion into an album before. This song doesn't even...
  4. General Music Discussion
    We filmed one of the songs with three camera angles, but never had the opportunity to record the audio through mixer to get a good multitrack sound... now 2 years later I decided to try to replicate the live performance in studio :flex: It was a different experience setting up the...
  5. General Music Discussion
    Me and Emil are recording some shit for the last Rocka Rollas album (well at last him, I'm just there for show with my Roland Microcube :flex:)
  6. General Music Discussion
    Not really but I found this on Youtube after being reminded by the Phil Anselmo thread, I recorded this myself for shits and giggles in some song writing contest a few years ago. Waaaah! Down in the depths of my moms frostbitten basement In darkness I dwell I'll never see the light of day My...
  7. General Music Discussion
    I have to stop singing for a while because I might have misused my fucking voice and I can't sing high notes anymore, and voice sounds weird too :pissed: Anyway here's what I managed to get together before the problems started; The idea was to record two new albums for 2016, one completely...
  8. General Music Discussion
    I'm working my ass off to finish the next Rollas album for 2016! To do list: 1. Record bass and drums 2. Redo some crappy vocal lines here and there 3. Must do better backing choirs 4. Better mixing (still early on) So yeah basically this next RR album will be a solo album by myself only...
1-8 of 8 Results