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    First off I pulled the old bushings out, that worked great. Then I drilled the new 11mm holes for the Gotoh Floyd bushings, and that worked great too... Until I actually put the bushing in! The wood cracked! :pissed: Anyway, I have wood cracks in my Barrington and that guitar works...
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    Got this: American Special Stratocaster. Not digging the Texas Special in the bridge. Looking to drop in a single-coil sized Humbucker that won't cause me to have a an aneurysm trying to balance the volume with the Texas Specials in the middle and neck. Also, I'd love not to change any of the...
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    'Battlestar Galactica' Reboot Heading to the Big Screen: Report :nonono:
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    1. Have me sing on it. My buddy (and Sweetwater rep) Arend Raby wrote this awesome djenty goodness, and I stole it and yelled at it. He's going through a bit of a tough time, so I thought I'd do my best KsE impression and drop some inspirational lyrics. So here it is. Enjoy! I'll try to find...
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    I've recently picked up a schecter a-7 on the cheap, but she needs some work. I've got info on her I want to get rid of the shiny red coat it has and let the mahogany underneath shine through. What's the best way to do this? Chemicals or sandpaper? Its got lots of rust on the bridge...
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    :( :( :(
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    Well, I say arnie, some of you will know where the full title is from. Placeholder temporary mix just for folk to listen to till their EPs done, dont be too harsh on it :) (edit: or do; go nuts :D)
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    Granted, the song isn't all that impressive, but it's catchy and the guitars/drum relationship is awesome. It's a shame the singer is such an utter fucking cunt. Hands down one of the worst people to happen to metal in a long time :noway: Also, he doesn't do his lows/growls live either :noway:
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    Just let it play, you'll know the part I'm talking about.
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    Swirl it!
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    Awesome solo. Kerry King vibrato. :(
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    Michael Bay Signs $50M Deal To Fuck Up 'ThunderCats' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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    Los Angeles-based hard rock band MY RUIN have announced the release of their first live album Alive on The Other Side which will hit stores in the US on November 25 - it is already out in the UK/Europe.Recorded live at Rios in Leeds UK, Alive on The Other Side boasts a 2 1/2 hour [...] More...
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    Coming off a successful 2 years of being a support act, Birmingham's NORMA JEAN inspired ALL HAIL THE RUIN have signed to Glasstone Recordings for the release of their Monument EP. Slotted in to tour with BONDED BY BLOOD in 2009, you can check out new tunes here. More...