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  1. General Music Discussion
    Death - "Overactive Imagination" - QUARANTINE JAMS #2 - YouTube Also lol at the baby sleeping through everything in the background :lol:
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    EDIT: THREAD WAS TOO CRAZY *CLEANED UP AND STARTED OVER* Here's the soundclip of METAL FOUNDRY This sounds so fucking 80s Superior Drummer 3 fucking sucks It has NOTHING to do with velocity! It's ALL IN THE SOUNDS (like I tried saying a million...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I threw this together for a Mesa Facebook group were I've been talking a lot late;y about how unexpectedly good this mode is for Texas style blues, but I may as well post this here, as well - this mode is just FUN to play through, on a Strat. Glassy, greasy, breaks up in the high end without...
  4. Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Well since the old 80s Peavey amp isn't happening Ill just say screw it and buy something new. Im not in a band and dont gig but I do want something I can record with. Here is the criteria TUBE - gots to have a real tube doing the tone works 1 x 12" Speaker - no matter what the amp comes...
  6. Science 101 with Leon
    Score 1 for common sense. Breast cancer gene BRCA-1 cannot be patented, High Court rules - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  7. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    This is so sick. One of the best things about this show is (was...) that all three of these guys can absolutely drive their asses off. Clarkson screaming at the Lambo and himself at the 5:30 mark or so totally rules - no jokes, no gags, just a guy and a car hammering it at the top of their...
  8. General Music Discussion
    Missed this when it came out, if you did too, catch up, this rules.
  9. General Music Discussion
    I was a big fan of their previous record, and I just got around to nabbing the new one. Pretty much all of you will hate this, but it rules.
  10. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    I've had a few episodes of this on as background noise tonight while catching up on some work email, and man - I'd forgotten how freakin' cool Les Stroud is. Beyond Survival with Les Stroud (TV Series 2010 I guess this has been out for a while, but instead of just the usual wandering around...
  11. General Music Discussion
    A friend of mine told me about these guys earlier today and I'm hooked. Badass old-school death/thrash from England. Listen to this shit. Full album is here It's like, Kreator with some techier, older Death-sounding moments and lots...
  12. General Music Discussion
    I forget about this all the time until one of the tracks comes on shuffle. The second one with Glenn Hughes is pretty good too.
  13. Music: Recording Studio
    New demo for my band Replicas ( The feedback I get from you guys has always been awesome, so thanks ahead of time!
  14. Music: Recording Studio
    Cross posting from the FAS forums 'cause I'm a lazy fuck :cool: I've been playing a lot lately and man does it sound glorious! Long story short, I was playing around with my Carvin Legacy patch and the tone kind of reminded of "Jaws of Life" by mr. Petrucci. One thing lead to another and...
  15. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Playing through various amps over the years, I've pickup up a couple rules for various models. Basically these are just things you don't want to do unles you want it to sound like crap. Such as 5150s: thou shalt not move the mid knob below six. Even if you're trying to scoop it, boost thy highs...
  16. General Music Discussion
    8 Simple Rules for Getting Your Band Ready to Record in the Studio | MetalSucks Even though my bandmates and I have definitely been guilty of one or two of these, this is fucking hilarious.
  17. General Music Discussion
    Obzen medley..... :eek: Then, Chaosphere medley..... :holy: Then, Nothing medley.... :cool: JESUS, TALK ABOUT INSANE. :eek:
1-17 of 69 Results