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  1. General Music Discussion
    Feels wrong to lump this in with the rest of the country genre, but it is and we need more country like this, the "kill my husband and drink some whiskey afterwards" type
  2. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys! sorry it's been a while and i'm still not quite sure how these forum things work lol but i've been really working hard at writing/recording some music, i've been getting lessons from keith merrow on the recording but there's so much i still have to learn about lol, so i was wondering...
  3. Member Introductions
    So, I'm Sarah, I'm 18, I love to play guitar, drum, make art and eat (doughnutsssssssss). I've been playing guitar for about six years, just got my 8 string last December and it's my baby:D :D :D :D Some of my favorite bands include all shall perish, scale the summit, animals as leaders, and...
1-3 of 25 Results