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    Hi, my band are currently looking for a drummer. We have been going for a year and roughly two thirds. We have a clear ambition to work our way up in the music scene without being held back. Our music is mainly influenced by Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, Prog and NWOBHM...
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    to collaborate and lay down tracks to an album i am currently composing. If interested you can here two preliminary tracks (with processed beats and my crappy vocals) here: h t t p : / / let me know if your interested - i really look forward to hearing...
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    Looking for a duo of new members here in the form of a vocalist and guitarist for my band Seek Solace In Ruin. In the middle of tracking a song so you can get the idea of how we sound. Guitarist: I will soon be able to provide a 7 string to use Must have half decent amp/cab Previous experience...
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    REQUIREMENTS: - Must have a diverse, unique and broad vocal range - Willing and able to tour heavily (touring experience an asset, but not a must) - Tour/stage experience preferred (links, mp3's, or videos would help) -Free from anything holding you back like: school, criminal record, crippling...
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    It is with sadness that I must announce this... After being with the band for ~10 years, JUSTDEFY's lead guitarist Kevin Harrison has unfortunately decided that he no longer has the time available to be a part of the band. His personal and professional life have become too time consuming for...
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    Either an existing band in need of some guitar-ing, or any musicians interested in creating a new project. I have a ton of material, and if the group is right, may consider bringing it to an existing band. I miss being on stage man...FUCK!!!!!!:metal::metal:
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    After recent departure from TERROR SYNDROME, former THE MISERABLES singer Denton Bramley is seeking a new band. Interested parties can contact Bramley by email* [email protected] and via myspace SYNDROME is, for their debut album at least:Mike Young (The...
1-8 of 8 Results