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    I just got my MXR 5150 setting for use going into my katana, i'm brand new to pedals...what settings do i use on the amp and how do i set the pedal up? Does anyone have any experience with this setup? I also bought the MXR Superbadass so once again can someone tell me how to set this up as well?
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    So, fiddling around with my Single Recto last night, I dialed Ch1 in as such: ...and, it wasn't bad. In fact, it was pretty cool. Funny enough, if you dial in somewhat close to that, you get a weird wonky sound, but once the Treble is entirely cut (which is typically something I always push...
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    Hey metal heads , So I recently purchased a Mesa boogie single rectifier 50 watt head that I really like. Problem is I'm having a hard time finding the tone I'm looking for. Any setting suggestions for metal? Some bands tones I do like are Synnster gates , Matt tuck and mike Padget from BFMV...
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    A few days ago, I got the bug to try to see if I could get close to John Petrucci's tone in a stem I found on YouTube for On The Backs of Angels. The tone in that stem is really similar to the awesome Crunch channel tone Petrucci gets in the Proto Playthrough video, so I used the settings Mesa...
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    Mesa posted up pictures of the settings of the video we all have been drooling over. I know we basically had them figured out, but its nice to see them in graphic form. :yesway: John Petrucci Mesa® Mark Five: 25™ 'Tone Lounge' Proto Playthrough and Settings | MESA/Boogie® Clean: IIC+...
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    1: That tone is awesome, but maybe it can be even better.... 2: Tweak all front panel settings just a bit. Better! But not quite... 3: Add an EQ to loop. 4: Adjust EQ. Cooking on gas now. 5: Adjust amp settings again. Genius. Pat self on back for getting the eqs to interact to multiply...
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    Picked up a 6505+ combo, Maxon 808 OD, and a ISP Decimator II for $400:smoking: Now this is my first tube amp so I'm pretty excited about getting this thing going. I've been using a small Vox modeling amp for about a year, so I suspect this will be totally different. As far as settings go, I...
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    This is the best wah setting I've found with an Ep-25k: Here's a cool harmonizer setting: Here's another good for double harmonic scales & 1-4-8 chords Here's a RingMod setting tuned to E: Here's another RingMod set for Chorus: Heres Blackhole reverb with 1/4 pre delay: This...
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    When I posted the NGD thread for the Jackson Soloist SLATTXMG3-7 I only put a rushed distorted clip that didnt do the guitar justice. It sounds pretty nice without distortion so here's a clean clip. And damn is it fun writing bass lines on a 7 string. Still very happy with the purchase and...
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    trying to get my setting just right, got the mids scooped but lot of people have mids at 6 I have seen, mine are at 2 and on the lows it seems its either too much or not enough....having trouble finding the perfect what setting would you recommend?
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    Hey guys! I made this for anyone who is interested in this amp. :cheers:
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    I know when recording I use less gain cuz of multi tracking What about live. I tend to turn my gain up more live is that wrong?
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    Wish I had one of them to try this out on.
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    I think this was posted before, but it's worth a repost if so. I really dig his approach to the EQ in particular.
  15. Music: Recording Studio
    Since most VST's and especially Reaper can communicate using MIDI, would it be possible to switch settings on amp VST's and effects VST's using a Midi footswitch such as the Behringer FCB1010? Like if I had up a Poulin amp sim, and a flanger, could I use one button to switch the Sim from clean...
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    Because i have a Spider Valve,but i'm not sure of the correct settings.
  17. General Music Discussion
    Here they are guys. I asked Paul to post em up when I saw them live a week or so ago and he kindly emailed me the picture instead! :hbang:
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    I've been playing with my keeley 4-knob and I haven't found that sweet spot for an 'all the time' use on gain. I'm looking for that uber-tightness from the decimator + compressor, and i'm falling short. I know some of you are very against them. I'm still experimenting with it for now. I know...
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    Fully aware I think this has been posted before, but his patch settings are in the vid too ;) Here's his settings;
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    Hey guys, how should I be using my TS9 to boost the dual? This is on the orange channel in modern mode with bold and silicon diode rectification. Settings on my dual before boosting were (in O'clock format) Gain: 12:45-1 Treble: 12:30 Presence: 10 or 11 Bass: 10:30 Mids: 10-11 Volume: Usually...