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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Wirelessly posted (:sponge:) ...for talking up the Tech21 VT Bass Deluxe. I talked my bassist into getting one, and it sounds so good I want one for myself :lol: He's using a Schecter 4-string (can't remember the model off hand, but I believe it has the EMG electronics) through a MarkBass...
  2. The Car and Bike Forum
    Paint your car like this at once.
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    This is a little spam from my facebook page. However, you dudes might be interested. especially the seattle dudes that could just walk over to their shop and test this shit themselves. (edit - i'm in no way affiliated with verellen amps other than i play their shit and dig it.) Verellen...
  4. General Music Discussion
    This picture > *
  5. Music: Other Instruments
    Are you still loving your Dingwall Combustion? I'm really close to pulling the trigger on one with some of my tax return money.
  6. General Music Discussion
    I've been watching this constantly and it's just brutal as all hell plus you get to see the Ibanez EVH Strypoverse Custom in action!!!
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    You need this. Ibanez custom RG550 A bit pricey but just offer him less. :yesway: :agreed:
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    (I tried to get an image URL, no luck!) Somebody should buy this on the account of that's probably a $5,000 guitar new :lol: 1984 HAMER USA CUSTOM SHOP - EXPLORER / BLITZ - NEAR MINT!!! | eBay I'm playing my bandmates new-to-him Gibson LP DC P90 and it just sounds go good - there's a Hamer w/...
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    FML :rant: B.C. Rich USA Handcrafted Ignitor Custom 7-String Electric Guitar Trans Black | eBay
  10. General Music Discussion
    My brother, who's currently in Iraq, asked me to do this. So here it is. No warm up. No practice. All of track 10 in one shot...just press play & go! Enjoy. :kd:
  11. General Music Discussion
    'Cause he just scored us free tickets for Lynch Mob next week! :metal: Saw them last September and they were just fucking awesome! I cannot fucking wait! That was one of the best shows I have seen in a looooooooooooong time. It didn't help that I got to hang with George and the band afterwords...
  12. Science 101 with Leon
  13. General Music Discussion
    Here's another bum lefty who plays righty: :wub:
  14. Music: Other Instruments
    My Jackson Kip Winger bass. My buddy just put a new bone nut on it, replacing the crappy plastic one that cracked, so I was fucking around on it this evening. Ebony fretboard, maple neck through, lacewood body sides. I've gotta replace the shitty pickups, though. Any suggestions?
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I picked up an Ibanez RG7620BK yesterday & thought to my self, "Self? How can I fuck up a perfectly good guitar?" So, I called up my partner-in-crime (and booty call) & here's the start of something magiKILL! :kd: One guitar.... A bagful of Lee-approved fr00tiness... ...and these fucks...
  16. Guitar of the Month
    This month's winner is Shannon, with his exotic looking Christopher Woods "SeXXXiverse" Universe custom clone. Congratulations, Shannon! THE STATS: BODY: 11-piece Mahogany, Ebony, Spalted Maple, Cherry and Walnut NECK: 5-piece Maple w/ walnut stringers FRETBOARD: Quilted Maple Pups: Dimarzio...
  17. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Don't know if it's been posted yet but Shannon kindly sent this to my inbox last night: THE most bad assed import Schecter I have ever seen. I usually don't like Schecters but I might make an exeption for this one. I'd fucking KILL for an 8 string V. :metal: :agreed: Schecter 2009 DIAMOND...
  18. General Music Discussion
    In this thread, we shall discuss your plans to attend this year's Jemfest. If all goes well, this will be my 4th one. Surely you guys can make it to just one? Especially the 10th anniversary. Ohio Eric told me I must convince you to go. :D
1-19 of 20 Results