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    Game over, Hebo. :rofl:
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    ... is weird as fuck. That is all.
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    I'm not much of a keyboard player, but I want one of these. TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson - Kickstarter :metal:
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    Album of the year in the making, right there. I can't wait.
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    Hoeks is a cool but small place. It's right on 6th st in Austin which is dead set in the middle of all the craziness of SXSW. For the past couple of years, they hold what's basically the lineup of all the small metal bands from around Austin/San Antonio area. This year had 6 days scheduled with...
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    My buddy was right in front when it happened. Pretty ballsy of them. Im sure they can get into some serious trouble with the law for that. Idiots start drifting in the middle of the highway in California...shut down road - YouTube
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  8. General Music Discussion
    BLABBERMOUTH.NET - VIVIAN CAMPBELL Is 'Not Sure' He Wants To Appear On Upcoming DIO Tribute Album Hey Vivian, you never would've been in Whitesnake or Def Leppard without Ronnie so how about you just keep mouth shut and show some respect.
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    :lol: For those curious to hear the new album but not wanting to spend any cash, here's the official soundcloud stream from the band themselves. (looks like one track, but it's the first track, and it automatically goes to the next at the...
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    Activision Refocusing on Call of Duty, Blizzard, Killing Guitar Hero, True Crime - IndustryGamers This franchise was already falling behind when compared to how advanced Rock Band has become. But maybe this is also a case of people just losing interest in playing these games, and picking up a...
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    Redskins owner Dan Snyder seeks dismissal of City Paper writer You = cock
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    This is awesome, especially for programs like Setpoint which never seems to want to close properly for me. - Shutdown XP Faster
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    He's a great closer, but he's one annoying dude when he opens his mouth. NBC Sports - Baseball - Circling the Bases
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    Spam 'mother ship' shut down in U.S. :agreed: I can't figure out the business model for spam. I don't know anybody who's ever bought anything as a result of getting an unsolicited email in their inbox. Who pays for the spam, and what do they possibly hope to get in return?
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    All hail the credit crunch. With royalty fees set to receive a substantial 66% increase tomorrow (9 cents > 15 cents), iTunes slash Apple are now threatening to shut down the iTunes Store due to profits potentially turning into substantial losses…In April 2007 the company's vice president...