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    Yesterday, I received my Misha Mansoor Variable Attack Overdrive pedal from Protone. I've ordered on Saturday, then it was shipped on Monday from South Carolina, and received in France the next week on Wednesday. No custom fees. Pretty happy with that. I was a little concern about their bad...
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    Source: Friends, Our trailer was broken into overnight at our hotel in Austin, TX, and the thieves stole all of Tony's guitars. Serial numbers will be added shortly: - his black Ibanez Guitars custom 7-string with EMG Pickups installed (serial LA071509); - his white Ibanez 7-string with black...
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    Following a lot of discussion with Squier and various Chinese hardware manufacturers, my signature guitar has been announced on my band's Facebook page. Here's the mockup: All details here...
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    Adrian Smith Signature San Dimas® DK- Made in USA | Artist Signature | Jackson® Guitars So much want.
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    Starts playing it and going through it at around 12:50. Sounds... like dUg! Love how he's forgotten most of the King's X songs :lol:
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    What would it be and what's the spec? I've come to realise now (finally, only took 15 years) that the whole Charvel pro-mod thing (or any sup'd-up strat) is absolutely me all over. A strat with an FR was my first ever guitar, and no matter how much I go around the block with trying different...
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    NAMM 2015 - Jackson Guitars & Misha Mansoor present signature guitar line | gearcouch I'm kind of surprised there isn't an import model right away, but I guess that's Jackson/FMIC's strategy with signature models.
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    I am not a big 7 string fan, but like the shape and body/neck material, only thing I would change is the pickup and maybe ad a neck, but on 7 strings I don't play much on the neck. Electric Guitars Dino - DCM100 Dino Cazares | Ibanez guitars
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    It could be confirmation bias, but it seems as if we no longer have publicized guitarists sticking with a guitar, and forming a relationship and image with it. I am talking about when I mention Angus Young, David Gilmour, SRV, etc., you automatically imagine them with their guitar. I could be...
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    Found this looking around for King's X stuff.. Preowned Guilford Ty Tabor Signature Model | Rebel Guitars Holy shit.
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    Via Marco's facebook page: I am very excited to see what this is like, and I will likely buy one. I love Marco's playing so much.
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    References: I've bought and sold a few pieces here at over at but it's been a long time. My ebay user name is deadringerswhispers. I have a 153* rating over there with 100% positive feed back. I recently sold my 2027 to a new user but that deal hasn't even finished yet...
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    JUST OFF THE TRUCK! $2350 shipped in the USA! :metal: For decades now, the most requested Charvel guitar ever is a Jake E Lee signature model based on the distinctive white "Charvel-ized" instrument the great guitarist has played ever since he bought it new back in 1975. With this special...
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    Yeah, uh oh.
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    bridge and neck Lace Nitro Hemi pickups taken from a Gibson Bill Kelliher signature guitar Location (City,State or City,Country): Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK International OK? : Not really Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM References (eBay or other forum userid): Itrader on, or fannymallet...
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    I never knew Geezer Butler used EMGs, but this is pretty cool. :yesway: They're passive, it seems. EMG Pickups / GZR PJ *PRE ORDER* / Passive / Signature Sets / Bass / Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups EMG Pickups / GZR P *PRE ORDER* / Passive / Signature...
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    Saw this posted on the Milianica FB page. He was playing a White ESP version during their Antartica gig in early December. Me likey. Considering my LTD Deluxe is approaching 10yrs old (Only 3 for me) maybe it's time to get a new one :)