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    This is a rare, early Stephen Carpenter model 7-string, with Seymour Duncans. The newer ones have EMGs. This is NOT an LTD, but the real custom shop ESP piece. It plays absolutely amazing, and is guaranteed to smoke any 7-string you pick up in Guitar Center. The guitar is a solid 8/10...
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    It's always a good day when one of my favorite guitarists is getting some well deserved recognition. Knowing the quality of instruments coming out of Heritage's factory. This is definitely something I'm looking forward to checking out.
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    Dunlop Releases the KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature Wah Pedal - Dunlop - 2009-03-09 | Notice it doesn't have an off switch!
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    Washburn Guitars and James Malone of Arsis, are Proud to Present His Signature V | News | News and Reviews I love Arsis, and Malone is a really cool guy to hang out with, but man is that fugly. Like, worse than the new Jem fugly.
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    You can have as many variations as you want! Set out the specs, and even photoshop some pics if you can.:) Six-string version Alder strat-style body 25.5" maple neck w/ rosewood board. Reverse Strat-style headstock. 24 jumbo frets. Original Floyd Rose, set fully floating with some extra wood...