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    This is IMPRESSIVE!!! Unfortunately I was never able to see Queen Live with Freddie since they never came to perform in Portugal, can only imagine what would that have been.
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    I'm in a position now where my next step should be able to sing the melodies I create(Which are intended to be sung). I've been told the best thing I could do is to take a few singing lessons to get a grip on it, but i can't afford that right now. The funds for it just don't exist. I'm trying to...
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    My guitarist put together this vid of the last 9 months of me recording vocals for our EP. There's a mix a joy and anger in here...I've learned/grown more in the last 9 months as a result of these sessions, but fucking hell, I almost quit singing all together a few times during this stuff due to...
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    There has been a lot of talk about proper singing and how great it is lately, eq'ing it, how to do it, disparaging comments made against growls etc. etc. etc. Being that I have long had the dream of recording nasty blackened grind with gritty Blackie Lawless/Jon Oliva style vocals but find...
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    Spamming a little bit here, but I'm just helping a friend out :D So, this guitarplayer friend of mine wrote an EP and released it just the other day. It's proggy rock/metal kind of thing with clean singing so I though especially you old folks might like it. I'm really impressed with it and I...
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    I fucking love this shit.
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    all sorts of Awesome
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    I remember hearing 30 Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto's alternative rock band) back around 2001 and 2002. They sounded kinda like a mix of alternative rock, progressive rock, and space rock with some metal thrown in. I remember liking the two radio hits they had (Capricorn and Edge of the Earth). I...
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    I have a four year-old son, and we have recently been playing the Disney animated movie "Frozen" in our house quite a bit. As in, pretty much every day. The thing is, the songs are catchy as hell, and now me, my wife, and my son can't stop from just belting out lines from some of the tunes...
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    Threw this together today after I left work. The audio is just from home demo's, but ya get the idea. I didn't think I was ever going to get back into the screaming thing, (I'm only singing in this band), but man....when I got in that room with the guys it just felt good. And there's plenty...
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    I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF! :scream: :flex: Chris Caffery had announced there would be a new singer and friend singing in Trans-Siberian Orchestra this year... But I NEVER thought it would be... Sir Russell Allen! This is so amazing! I was not even going to go see TSO this year but they...
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    Some of you might remember the thread I posted a few months back about joining a band as a vocalist and I asked for a critique of my vocal demo. Since then, the band has been doing great, writing quickly and playing some killer shows.... ....then some of the members decided that one of our...
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    Is apparently quite difficult.
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    When does the SINGING lead tone emerge? Is there any credible singing lead tone before Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton of any real note? I don't mean buzzy distortion or growling guitar like Link Wray and others but gain used for a more singing lead tone (like early Beck and Clapton did for...
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    I know i ask way too many questions on this forum :roll2: but this one is a bit different... so i have really gotten into some lighter death metal recently (cannibal corpse, bloodbath, amon amarth (melodeath i know)) and i am extremely interested in the singing technic. I usually just try...
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    I'd say he nailed it.
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    Since I found out about NO CLEAN SINGING right here on this forum, I figured I might as well give myself (and my Under Eden brothers) a little pat on the back. Or bottom. NO CLEAN SINGING » MISCELLANY NO. 34: EYECONOCLAST, UNDER EDEN, AND HEIDEVOLK
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    Been reading that site for a while, so I'm pretty happy about getting the (very enthusiastic) shout out. NO CLEAN SINGING » MISCELLANY NO. 33: ILLUMINATUS, ARKONA, AND SATEVIS Always nice to have more quotes for the press kit gods. Edit: Right, Satevis is my band. There are three bands...