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    Sweet fuck this is awful. Do the right thing, James. Well, two things, actually... 1. Throw Kirk's fucking Wah away. 2. Swallow the pride, make a press release or some bullshit saying that your voice is done, and hire Ripper Owens to sing for you for the rest of Metallica's days.
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    From the Roadrunner United DVD. :kd:
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    Love this. She/they did a really good job. The bluesy edge she adds in places are just awesome. Oddly, the father is playing a right-hander upside down. Didn't think anyone did that sort of thing anymore.
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    My girlfriend put Vanden Plas's Christ 0 (their latest album) on my phone, and I absolutely love their cover of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar. Now, I've never been into musicals, but recently I've found myself becoming quite interested in them, at least the Lloyd-Weber ones. So I...