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  1. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    First run Strandberg Singularity 7 string guitar. couple of months old home use only. Comes with gig bag and Strandberg stand. £900 inc UK postage. would consider an Boden os 6 as trade. Have some I trader on here by have the same ID on Ebay. please PM as contact.
  2. General Music Discussion
    Scar Symmetry has been one of my favorite bands since their very first album and I bought most of their albums immediately after they were released, but after Christian left the band and they brought in two "sub-par vocalists" to fill in for Christian, my enthusiasm for them weakened quite a...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Just got hold of my brother's Nikon D7000 to shoot some play-through videos for my next release. Decided to get familiar with it before I got into recording those videos, so here's my first attempt! I'd love some tips and tricks to improve the overall video quality. I really want these next 3...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    This is actually an old photo of Japanese guitarist K.A.Z (Sads, Detrox, Detroit Metal City among many others) showing a bunch of custom UVs with a Schecter headstock and logo. :lol: Yeah yeah we can go on and on about Japan and copyright infringement but in this case whatever. Those guitars...
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    It all started when the newer Petrucci models began to sharpen their horns. Then, the RG became the RGD, grew bevels, and moved the controls to the lower edge of the guitar. Now, there's a Mystic Dream RGD forthcoming.
  6. General Music Discussion
    What's up guys, it would mean a lot to me if you check and feed my cover of Singularity by Textures cheers
  7. General Music Discussion
    I recently uploaded the first 'proper' composition I'm releasing, a one-off track with a drummer friend of mine. I learnt a lot about different production techniques from posts on this forum from generous users so it seems appropriate that I post it here. It's an instrumental progressive tune...
  8. Science 101 with Leon
    I just finished reading this fascinating article, featuring Ray Kurzweil (yeah, the same guy whose last name is on the back of some vintage synthesizers) and a movement called The Singularity, which explores the outer reaches of the effects of exponential technological growth on human existence...
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So I tried something today... And it is pretty damn glorious. My setup has been Roadster/GMaj2. Today I brought home an old friend from my drummer's place, just for shits and giggles. It's been sitting there collecting dust since I got the Roadster. In my hangover, while helping Drew pack his...
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    I picked this up today as well. Anyone play it yet? Singularity for Xbox 360 -
  11. Science 101 with Leon
1-11 of 11 Results