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    I haven't skated in at least 9 years but I started watching a video of Skatopia the other day and I guess it reminded me how much fun it is to skate. I have no idea what happened to my old board, so i'm going to have to order a new's killing me waiting to skate. :lol: Anyone else...
  2. Sports Talk
    This is insane. As a former skater, the prospect of a 27ft vert ramp is fucking terrifying on it's own, let alone doing 3 full rotations at the top end of it :lol: California skateboarder, 12, lands first-ever 1080 in Pennsylvania |
  3. Sports Talk
    Normally I hate eXXXtreme sports videos and find them boring to watch. I have "extreme" skier/snowboarder/skater friends that love this kind of shit though, and one just posted this on facebook. Pretty cool segment.
1-3 of 3 Results