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  1. General Music Discussion
    Exclusive: Full Stream of Skeletonwitch’s ‘The Apothic Gloom’ EP! â€" Decibel Magazine Finishing up listening to it now and I'm really, really digging this. Has all the awesome, melodic thrashy goodness the 'witch always brings, but with a much heavier black metal/black thrash influence...
  2. General Music Discussion
    Stream Skeletonwitch's Serpents Unleashed Right Now!!! | MetalSucks :eddie: Album rips. Burned from Bone has one of the best hooks I've heard in a thrash song in ages.
  3. General Music Discussion
    :agreed: Get In Here For a New Skeletonwitch Song, Album Artwork and Album Release Date! | MetalSucks
  4. General Music Discussion
    See these guys if they come to town, saw them the other night...KILLER! Not my vid but sound quality is decent if you turn up the volume.
  5. General Music Discussion
    Adult Swim: Music - Scion Presents Metal Swim :scream:
  6. Metal News Feeds
    Ohio's SKELETONWITCH are happy to announce the addition of bassist Evan Linger to the band. Linger, a long-time friend of the band entered the fold after the departure of Eric Harris and has been out with THE WITCH since October 2 when the pre-Blackest of the Black dates kicked off."I'm stoked...
  7. Metal News Feeds
    Ohio's SKELETONWITCH have completed the filming for the band's debut video from Beyond The Permafrost, which saw an October 2007 release through Prosthetic Records. Combining live footage from Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio and additional narrative footage from various locales in...
  8. Metal News Feeds
    Before joining the BLACKEST OF THE BLACK tour with DANZIG and DIMMU BORGIR on October 9 in Miami Beach, Florida, SKELETONWITCH will be playing some headlining dates. Bands providing support on select dates include TRAP THEM and THE GATES OF SLUMBER. The dates are listed below. October 2 -...
1-8 of 8 Results