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    I was expecting the worst (the name didn't help haha) but this is actually pretty cool. I like how it doesn't just sound like a bass line with guitar chords over top, but more like one instrument with the range of both.
  3. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    In this video, you're going to learn how to get down and dirty with that thumb of yours! I've been getting requests to do a video lesson on the Tosin Abasi/Javier Reyes/Animals as Leaders-style guitar slapping/thumping thing for a long time now. There are a lot of misconceptions about this...
  4. General Music Discussion
    So i've been working a lot on these slap guitar techniques over the past year or so... Tosin has really busted the door down on this sound, i love it. Stuff is a lot of fun to play, too. So far i mostly just use my thumb and some occasional pops from my index finger. I have just started working...
  5. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Looking for any of you guys who happen to play the style? I'm trying to get a decent grip on slap/pop simply for the sake of making myself a better bass player -- that, and I've noticed some metal songs sound really good with a nice thwap! on whatever note you're hitting for emphasis. I've been...
  6. Music: Other Instruments
    So this is going to sound pretty dumb, but I've been playing bass for about 9 years. I've played in plenty of bands, have written my own stuff, and am an overall pretty solid bass player. Just ask Leon. We've done a Metallica cover show together, and I even did an improv bass solo in the...
1-6 of 6 Results