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    When I first heard about this movie, I was skeptical, but this teaser has me interested. I mean, he's friends with Quentin Tarantino and Richard Kelly, so...this isn't that out there, really.
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    "THE PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION! Tuesday, Nov 23rd, 2010 10:36am Mikee W. Goodman and Adrian Smith are playing together live in High Wycombe at the SU! They are playing under the name The Primal Rock Rebellion. Their performance will be here in High Wycombe at Bucks Student Union on Saturday 15th...
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    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I'm not just whoring my gear - I'll be around. I never heard of this place until recently. Anyway... Brief & Accurate Description: 2008 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 Top in Scarlet Red - MINT condition Wide-Thin neck HFS in the bridge, V-Bass in the neck This is...
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    Iron Maiden Official Website :lol:
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    Picked this beauty up today and it is kinda rare. PRS Hollowbody Spruce with gold hardware, un capped pickuprs, gold metal pickup rings, and Charcoal Burst top (All of which are not available unless custom ordered and they are Uber rare) I have never been a fan of gold hardware but this one...