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  1. Sports Talk
    Northampton soccer coaches resign, students could face discipline - The Morning Call These people are fucking awful. :noplease:
  2. Sports Talk
    To ensure every child 'wins', Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer | This is That with Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring | CBC Radio "Kick the ball, eh."
  3. Sports Talk
    Actually, the UK is the only country that calls it football, IIRC. Everywhere else, it's soccer.
  4. Sports Talk
    :mad: The good news is that the dog is fine, and this guy was kicked off the team. :yesway: VIDEO: Soccer player throws dog by its neck off the field, gets red carded for animal abuse - NY Daily News
  5. Sports Talk
    Oh, right, because we only give a fuck about real football. :flex:
  6. Sports Talk
    Player gets 27-game ban for choking ref - News - FOX Sports on MSN This is absurd! Somebody must have been too hopped up on the steroids. :noplease:
  7. Sports Talk
    I guess this was from the recent World Cup games. Brazil versus The Ivory Coast. Whatever the fuck that is. Look at this horseshit. :noway: Here's another. I guess this retarded shit is riddled with this nonsense.
  8. Sports Talk
    I play it now. Apparently :lol: I've been playing in my work soccer league for the last month or so, and am getting into it. Last Friday night I played two games, because the second game didn't have enough players. Anyone else play?
  9. Sports Talk
    New Mexico women's soccer player Elizabeth Lambert suspended for physical play vs. BYU - Game on - Holy shit! :lol:
1-10 of 10 Results