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    Hi guys, here is a cover we did with my band mate. Its recorded with the Axe FX II XL - 5150III sim. The amps in the video are just for show :) Guitar track:
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    sorry guys, this post doesnt dj0nt. I did this for a contest on the all things periphery facebook group. This solo wasnt easy, it took me a while to learn but it went a lot better than the last time I learned his solo from As I am. Used my JPXI-7 and my lead patch from my axe fx 2. Used my...
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    I don't know any of you guys saw this but... :metal: Abbath Toured London in His Corpse Paint - MetalSucks Also, His new project that he's putting out sounds pretty rad. Aside from the new Deafheaven, I don't think I've been this excited for Black Metal.
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    Don't be stupid. That's obviously a rhetorical question. :eddie:
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    Hey guys! Uncle Ben here has been wailing on this sexy Aristides 060 lately, and I gotta say, it's flippin incredible. Some of the best fretwork I've ever seen, action is at like 3/64 at fret 17 with no buzz. Insane. The tone is amazingly focused and solid; it's very balanced, I wouldn't say any...
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    D.J. Ashba Quits Guns N''' Roses - It surprises me. This is someone that never had a negative thing to say about Axl or the band.
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    I dunno how old Buddy Rich was here (looks like it must have been just before he died, which was age 69 (dudes!)), but he still had fucking chops for days!
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    So, now that I have a Strat with three singlecoils again, well, one I've been playing a lot of blues anyway, but two, I've been listening to a lot more Stevie Ray Vaughan. And, For the longest time I always associated his tone with the neck singlecoil of a Strat, but the more I listen and the...
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    Looks like Gear Gods and Metalsucks are putting on a solo contest. Put a solo over the Black Plot and Matt Pike will listen to it with his shirt off and choose a winner, then you get free stuff. :metal: The HIGH ON FIRE Guitar Solo Contest - Brought To You By Dunlop and eOne Music - GearGods
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    This song is fucking difficult but thought I'd give it a shot as its an all time favorite of mine. Many bits pretty difficult but the clean arpeggios really are a pain in the ass. Anyone got the chops to record the difficult solo over the 7/4 bit? If anyone is up for it let me know as right...
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    I wrote and recorded this a while back.The intro is really long,it is supposed to fade in like blackened from metallica does. It was to get the idea down before i forgot it.There is no bass yet,and i hastily miced A valvestate 8100. Im going to to a higher quality recording soon. It desperately...
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    Just recorded a new track today while I was off work. Mix advice is greatly appreciated. Hopefully a few of you will enjoy this one. Actually managed a solo on it as well but my lead playing is terrible so excuse that!
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    Was originally trying to make a clip of whatever Wolfetone pickup I put in the Warbanez(edit: I guess it's a Blisterbucker) but I couldn't find a proper backing track. And there are mistakes but oh well. Just having some fun on a Sunday night. Didn't learn the solo yet. Probably never will. lol...
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    Han Solo!! :scream:
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    Solo starts at 4:43. Yes there was wah involved, not bad though.
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    Guys... I've been working on my solo skills...and while I've gotten better at my fingering and picking, my solos always sound kinda weak. The notes and everything are there, but they seem to lack any kind of authority in the mix. I would like it to sound more dominant I guess. My solos...
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    Possible purchase - Schecter Solo - and NGD Anyone have any opinions on the Schecter Damien Solo-6 Elite? I have an opportunity to pick one up for $240. It looks like a 2010 Model (transparent black maple top). EMG 85/81 combo hardtail. Seller claims excellent condition. It's local and I...
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    Hello guys! Here is the thing, I am writing a song with a solo but I have absolutely no knowledge in music theory. It is actually my first attemp to write a guitar solo. I need your advices. During the lead part i play a pattern and I am not sure if the notes matches the rythm guitar (I play the...
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    I forget about this all the time until one of the tracks comes on shuffle. The second one with Glenn Hughes is pretty good too.
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    This is beyond awesome! I am looking very much forward to hearing what Pinnella has written. Since his previous album was quite good as well! Hear some songs from the first album: