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    Woke up with an inexplicable urge to listen to this after years of forgetting about it. One of the first CDs I ever owned. Still exceptional. Ultramega OK is sick, and I like two songs off Superunknown. But this is the quintessential Soundgarden. This record is metal as fuck. Chris Cornell...
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    Fucking awesome :lol:
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    Finally, some pro video footage of Outshined. I figure some of you would enjoy this. About midway through, I had to jump on the speaker stacks. That song has so much energy, I got to get it out somehow. :lol: This is my Dingwall bass in action. Anyway, enjoy.
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    New SOUNDGARDEN music video : Black Rain. Holy shit, yes. Back to the "Badmotorfinger" days. :metal:
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    Had a quick search to make sure this hadn't been posted already and after reading this thread thought some of you might be interested in this: Black Rain is the new single from "Telephantasm" (the upcoming best of). Apparently this track was originally recorded for the "Badmotorfinger"...
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    About friggin time. Soundgarden: The 12 Year Break is Over and School is Back in Session
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    I'm currently rocking out to Superunknown in the office. What a fucking great album - dark, gritty, brooding, and intense. Discuss. :agreed: