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  1. Sports Talk
    Basically The Entire Red Sox Team Skipped Johnny Pesky's Funural But Did Manage To Party At Beckett Bowl That Same Night
  2. Sports Talk
    The Yankees just signed a catcher who was out half of last year with a fractured hip. Who needs Cliff Lee. :roll2: Yankees sign catcher Russell Martin to one-year contract | HardballTalk
  3. Sports Talk
    :fawk: The Yankees have no shot this year so at least you have that to get you through the winter.
  4. Sports Talk
    During my 24 hour ban I did a little research on this subject. :lol: I find it interesting that no one questioned the discrepancy between the two teams that made it to the World Series in 2007. The Boston Red Sox had a payroll of 155.4 million as opposed to their opponent in the World Series...
  5. Sports Talk
    Way to back into the playoffs, Boston. It's a good thing Texas had no chance to take the wild card. How about winning a game before the season ends. :roll2: :fawk:
  6. Sports Talk
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in New York. :D
  7. Sports Talk
    As if what happened in 2004 wasn't bad enough and now I get to witness a possible season sweep of the Yankees. :noplease: How can this happen???? :squint: Why don't all of you Sox fans go up to the Prudential building rooftop and jump one by one. ;) You all suck. :rant: Die. :scream:
  8. Sports Talk
    Opinion: Big-spending Yanks still trail Rays, Red Sox - Baseball- :noway: I'll bet money that the dude who wrote this piece is a closet Sox fan. I've heard almost the same exact sentiment from all the idiot Red Sox fans in my office. :squint:
  9. Sports Talk
    down 0-7 i went to get something to eat, back 25 mins. later 6-7...then coco hits an RBI 7-7, then Drew hits another RBI and they win 8-7. just when you thought they were out, theyre back/// :yesway:
  10. Sports Talk
    I know.... real original. :roll2:
1-10 of 10 Results