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  1. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Recently got a Steve's Special. Dig it in the guitar I threw it in, and I want another to throw in another guitar to see how it works in there. Hoping someone here has one laying around.
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I wanted to get another strat in my stable ( I had a EBMM Cutlass but I sold it to fund a 7 string Blackat) and my friend had this one that he was willing to part with. I am so glad I got it from him! Specs:Custom ordered and finished in Oct. of 2018 Body: Basswood Finish: Alpine WhiteNeck...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Since my girlfriend built her own guitar (called Arsestick :flex: ) she's been borrowing my old Roland Microcube the last year or so. And since we play together I'm usually amp-less (in the living room). She's learning the basics but it's fun to see her progress from barely playing a note to now...
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Any thoughts/experience on whats lost if going with a Special over a Pro?
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Looks cool and all but the price is totally off IMO... If the price on the Website is correct then its basically the double of the regular White one. JEMJR SP | $849 - Ibanez JEMJR SP Steve Vai Signature Guitar - Yellow (Limited Edition) | Better Music I played a White Jr a couple weeks ago...
  6. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    So, this was my weekend project - less so the wiring and filming, more than all the editing. :lol: I took some of suggestions from the last one of these I did and edited the video so all the neck position sounds were together, all the neck/mid ones, etc. Then, for kicks, I mixed it down both...
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I was never into this Shape, but dammm... this one is sexy!!!!! Love the Buttons that look like Clocks seen from the top.
  8. General Music Discussion
    Okay so went to see this concert and at first I was a bit bummed. It started with a French band called Wakrat that was a heavy band with screaming not sure what genre exactly. But I was unimpressed. Then comes AWOL nation..... they have a bunch of singles that I didn't realize were all done...
  9. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Saturday Night Special - set | Seymour Duncan These look pretty interesting.
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I've been wanting this same guitar since I was 12 (I turned 32 yesterday). Needless to say that after 20 years of GASing for this it finally showed up at my door today. I've always been a fan of the CBS headstock as well as maple boards w/ white bodies. The Fender tweed case it came in is pretty...
  11. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Why change from passives?! My apartment has un-earthed wall sockets and I have noticed all passive pickups make a slight hum. I have no idea I why I haven't bothered with it for this whole year I've lived here, but until we move, I will use passive pickusp exclusively to get rid of that slgiht...
  12. General Music Discussion
    If you don't know who Bubbles is, stop reading now and go look up Trailer Park Boys. I think most people know of this show by now, though. Eddie Kramer makes an's part promo for his pedal line that I had no clue was coming out. Just skimming through it, it seems like Bubbles...
  13. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Rarely played and needs a good home. In great condition. For 450 USD its yours (price includes shipping): This guitar is located in Maryland. Check out my ebay account for assurance that I am not a dirty, filthy scammer: eBay As always, thanx 4 looking!:metal:
  14. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    I know one of you guys has to have a set of these laying around someplace. I'd prefer black if possible. :yesway:
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    New guitar. Went to a store, didn't need anything and this happened. Nothing special. Its a LTD ec-1000 Merry Christmas for me!
  16. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    OK guys with the Les Paul 7 string I just picked up I no longer need this, sure you know the specs and it is all stock. $200 Plus shipping from Montclair, VA. References: Noodles, Mike, Matt C, Jacksonplayer, Leon and Joshua.
  17. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    For those who are interested, this deal exists. It's a trans black burst Schecter Banshee 7-string w/ Nazgul and Sentient pups. With a case, it's $594 U.S. which seems like a sweet deal. I think there's an active version on sale as well. The red one is a completely different price. Schecter...
1-17 of 77 Results