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  1. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Am I missing something, or is it really fucking hard to find a 7-string set of Sperzel locking tuners?
  2. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Anyone have one that I could borrow? I will PayPal you for shipping back and forth and throw in enough for a six pack.
  3. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    The little tab/alignment thingy busted clean off (see photo) one of my Sperzel locking tuners during installation last night. Any chance I can still use this tuner, or is it toast? In a nutshell, the little guide holes I drilled were pretty damn tight, so pressing the tuners into place was...
  4. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Birdseye maple, conversion neck, R4 nut prep, 6105ss frets, drilled for sperzels. One sperzel is broken, i can leave them on or take them off, its upto you, they didnt figure into my pricing. $OLD. Refrences - Mike, Dave, Greg, etc.
  5. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I just got a set of 3x3 Sperzel locking tuners but they didn't come with the template since I bought them used. Could someone give me a step by step of what to do and maybe a template to print out if there any. Thanks in advance.
  6. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    So just over a week ago I had a problem with one of the locking tuners on my Carvin. I sent them an email with a picture of it, and asked if they'd sell me a single replacement for it. The guitar is over a year old now and has been through plenty of string changes, so I would have had no...
  7. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    I bought these a couple months ago and never got around to putting them on my PRS but I decided I'm going to get a different kind of tuners for my PRS so I don't have to drill into the headstock :facemelt: Everything is complete Location: Greenville, SC Reference: eBay My World - thelight515...
  8. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I was starting to worry that it'd be another 2-3 additional weeks until I got them, but alas they are here and they are PERFECT! :eek:
  9. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    $23 shipped in the Lower 48 Perfectly functional, finish is a bit worn in places (as shown in the first picture).
  10. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    The high E on my 727 has some issues, so I need one single Sperzel in the satin finish. It's the high E on a 4+3, so I'm not exactly sure how to describe which articulation that is. :lol:
  11. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I need one black sperzel? Is there anywhere to buy just one, or do I have to buy a set of six?
  12. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I'v always used sperzels, but on my baritone warmoth I'v been going with some different options than usual. I'v been thinking about some schaller lockers instead of my usual sperzels. Other than a higher gear ratio, does anyone have any reason they like one over the other? (obviously you can get...
  13. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Where did you get that little jig that you use to drill the pilot holes for sperzels? Thanks :wub:
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    The Tele gets a little love. :yesway:
  15. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Just making it's own thread for this, since I definitely Googled like hell to try and find someone else that did it. :lol: This is a total repost of the pics from my EX Overhaul thread. This actually is pretty easy, especially with the jig fom StewMac. I used two drill bits, one to mark with...
  16. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Since I'm doing a bunch of shit to my favorite axe, I figure I'll do some before/after/durings. I've had this since I was young enough to think that putting a BFGoodrich sticker on it was a good idea. :lol: Here she is now, a bit (understatement...) dusty since I haven't played it in a while...
  17. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Stuff is used, never abused, and in great condition. Carvin chrome floyd is new, never used. Washburn 7 string neck, new and unused. Modifications (if any): Slight filing of ear on pickup to fit inside the Carvin. nothing major or really noticeable...
1-17 of 17 Results