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  1. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I've had a few of these through my workshop in the last couple of years, and I fucking hate them. It's fine if the customer wants it blocked, but to have it fully floating with anything higher than 9s is practically impossible. I've fitted them with 10s in standard for a guy once, and that was...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I have had trouble with humming in one of my guitars for a while and now I figured why. The goddamn noiseless springs... should have drawn that conclusion earlier :nuts: Anyway, without having to scrape off the noiseless coating, is there any other way to get the grounding done?
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I finally got the package from Floyd Rose and oh yeah!!! The push-in arm with Gotoh Floyd-style hex tension screw is fucking brilliant. I have had Original Floyd Rose for 5 years and I've always had to lock the thumbwheel down several times when I play. And with years it has gotten worse and...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Looking to kill the noise from my trem springs in my 7s. I tried foam but can still hear some ring from them. I was wondering if anyone uses the Floyd noiseless springs and if they work. Also which should I get the regular, heavy duty or mix of both? I use different tuning for each B, A, Drop A etc.
  5. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    How to adjust the average locking trem: - Take off lock nuts - Take off pads - Slack strings - Locate small screwdriver - Remove truss rod cover - Figure out which pipe wrench I need - Choose the wrong one - Try another one - Sweet, that's it! - Realize that I didn't slack the strings enough...
  6. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I tune to E standard with 10-52 strings and those stupid stock Edge Zero springs aren't tight enough. (Note: on a regular Edge or OFR I never had that problem with 3 springs in parallel with the claw at least 5mm from the cavity wall). I even had two luthiers look at it and try everything and...
  7. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    This is pretty simple I just used a few piece's of shrink wrap cost around a buck. I got some that where close to the size of the spring. I used a pair of needle noise to strech the wrap a bit to fit over the spring. I also cut it into two pieces to make it easier. I used a heat gun the...
  8. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Spring Upgrades : FU-TONE.COM, OFFICIAL BIG BLOCK PERFORMANCE UPGRADES FOR YOUR GUITAR! Over regular springs. I have some of each and a shit load of guitars with nasty old springs that I'd like to replace.
  9. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    At least, that's how to do it when your stuff is all inaccessible. :flex:
  10. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Maybe this seems like a Noob question, but as long as I can remember, all my guitars have the "arrow" configuration for the tremolo springs Bridge \|/ plate I'm trying now a guitar that has same string gauge, same tuning, same scale, same everything, except the spring configuration...
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Does such a thing exist? I ask because I've strung my Strat with heavy strings, and have found that the tremolo will not stay flush to the body (as I like it), despite my adding two more springs in the cavity. If such a thing does exist, post away. :D
  12. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Ok, so at the minute, my Allender is in E standard with 10-52's, and has 5 trem springs in. Bridge sits at the correct angle but is prone to going out of tune when used. Should I be using fewer springs if I'm using the trem to flutter? Basically, recommendations for springs on a non-locking...
  13. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Found something else I want on Craig's List :lol: 2 VHT P50E guitar cabinet speakers I have an unloaded 2x12 sitting here screaming for speakers :lol: Anyone willing to snag these for me and box em up and ship them to me?
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a guitar here that has some noisy springs. Whenever you mute the guitar, you can hear the springs make a high-pitch reverberation after the strings stop vibrating - you can hear it only on the bridge humbucker when it's plugged in. What can I do to fix this? Thanks!
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So, the OFR7 on my KxK came with four springs standard. It still flutters nice, but it feels a bit stiffer than I like. However, the tuning stability is solid as a rock. It never goes out of tune. Is anyone using their trems with three springs? I know that is pretty standard on sixes, and...
1-15 of 15 Results