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  1. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    This was touched on a little in an unrelated thread a few years back but I'm dusting off the topic. Just recently got a couple of my favorite guitar back up to 100% and one of the things I've been lacking for a while was a good working trem and whammy bar. Being someone that focused primarily...
  2. Music: Other Instruments
    Just found this by accident, as we were talking about Nick Beggs in a different thread the other day. Really nice to see a new spin on a familiar piece. Turns out it sits really well on Stick!
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    UPDATE!!!!! Some video demos of the guitar! ORIGINAL POST: Old thread about it on another forum: Basically, she woke up a morning about a year ago, draw a guitar on a post-it...
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    Tried putting a USB stick into the X32 for direct rehearsal record. Of course, it's a stereo file, so no post-mixing is possible. Also, I'm still resting my hand so I'm not playing guitar at all on this recording, we centered Emils guitar in the mix instead...
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Been skating quite a bit lately. Learning a bunch of new stuff but haven't filmed as much as i'd like. Got a few quick clips of my go-to tricks though.
  6. General Music Discussion
    I have always been a fan of these guys and I am glad they are stick alive and kicking. New single kicks ass too.
  7. Music: Other Instruments
    So yeah, went into one of my regular pawn stores and they were having their semi regular 20% off sale. Picked up a Roland HS-60 (a Juno 106 in a different case with in built speakers) and they also had a vintage Chapman Stick. It was in awful condition, frets were green, strings are so rusted...
  8. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    About a year ago I ordered a Stick ( After a frustrating month, I put it in it's case and it's been there ever since. It comes with soft case and I'll give you my copy of - It cost ~$1600 new, and it's...
  9. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    I caved and bought it. Anybody else get it yet? I have been sick as a mother fucking dog, and have not played it yet. Will be giving it a run through today. The Angry Joe review gave it a decent score.
  10. Music: Recording Studio
    Here's a new demo of a song we've just written For demonstration purposes we decided to cut off the first half of the track because, without vocals, it's boring as shit, really repetitive verses etc.
  11. Music: Other Instruments
    Actually it was yesterday. So Stick Enterprises introduced a new hard anodized aluminum stick model recently: The Railboard I managed to score one from the first production run. Here's some shitty pictures! The new pickup design. Generally passive. Can output stereo or mono into either...
  12. General Music Discussion
  13. The Car and Bike Forum
    These are not they: :rofl: Hilariously Psychotic Stick Figure Family Car Window Decals | Happy Place
  14. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Okay so here's the goal. I have a USB stick and I have an early 2011 intel MBP. I want to be able to install and boot Ubuntu from the USB stick. I tried following these instructions: Download | Ubuntu to create a bootable USB stick. When I boot up my mac and hold option to see all bootable...
  15. Music: Other Instruments
    Pics first: The Tuning/string gauges: Story: I recently flipped my old Rosewood stick on ebay to finance this one -- a 12 string model.. Made a sweet 400$ profit over what I originally paid, too! I ordered this one directly from Stick Enterprises. This stick was built & sold last...
  16. Music: Other Instruments
    As some of you know, I had to hock my stick a few months back to afford my move and all that jazz. It was depressing as shit. Now I've gotten a good job here for the time being, and had a sweet-ass tax return. In light of that, I've been looking for a new stick. I saw one on Craigslist for...
1-18 of 28 Results