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  1. General Music Discussion
    Legendary rockers AC/DC have launched a new video series, "The Story Of Back In Black", as part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations of AC/DC's classic 1980 album "Back In Black". Ep1 ep2 In 2012, "Back In Black" was added to The Recording Academy's legendary Grammy Hall Of Fame collection...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    For those who don't remember - NBD thread here And for those who can't be fucked to click the thread, this is what it looked like when I got it... Needless to say, this was converted at some point in its long life. It's a 1986 Charvel 3B. Looks like this as stock: It was upgraded with...
  3. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Murder In The Front Row is told through powerful first person testimony and stunning animation and photography. The film is a social study of a group of young people defying the odds and building something essential for themselves. Featuring interviews with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Cool little story about Bon. AC/DC’s Bon Scott: Insights From His Former Bandmate - VH1
  5. General Music Discussion
    Trigger | Texas Monthly Long, but an awesome read.
  6. General Music Discussion
    Hey all, About four and a half years ago my friends were all in a metal band. At that point I was about halfway through high school. I had only ever listened to classic rock/metal that my Dad had a collection of. I was just starting to peek into music not made 30 years ago, and some of the...
  7. General Music Discussion
    So I joined the band I'm in a little over a year ago. Get along great with everyone, we've written some cool tunes and are 75% finished recording a full length album. Everyone is really excited about the album, it's a first for all of us to have an actual full length album and not just a 4 song...
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Alright, I've been waiting to post about this thing so I could have a nice build story to show you guys! Alright, so the story goes that way back in the old days, Myself and another member of had baritone conversion necks made for our Schecter Omen 7 Extreme s. I had one made by Mike...
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Sorry. I thought this was the right subforum to post this stuff. My fault. I ll post it elsewhere.
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    My girlfriend's birthday's right before Christmas, so I usually get her a gift sometime in the summer to break the dry spell. :lol: She's been interested in guitar for a while now, so I picked up an APX500ii. She found the regular dreadnoughts she's tried a little awkward, so I figured this...
  11. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I received this guitar some time ago after a 2+ year wait, it was about time I posted a proper NGD about it. Let's first see the thing in action: And mandatory pics of course: Specs: - Hesperian Slant body shape (Black Friday) - 8 string, 24 frets - 27.5" scale - maple neck...
  12. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Danelectro Guitar - $295 (Jackson Music, Grand Island) Danelectro Guitar? :ugh:
  13. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Well what's this here that I found upon my return from the local bake shop I work at? There's only one thing to do! Please take a moment to appreciate my (incredibly) shitty (county) legal Pointy Knife of Box Rapage (+^ vs cardboard enemies) Well I'll just open this box up now. . . Fuck...
  14. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Huge Google fan, been using Biz Apps for everything. I have over 10 paying monthly customers that I moved from Exchange to Google Business Apps, and love their services. However a few weeks ago I logged into my business google voice account, and noticed my number had gone missing (with out any...
1-14 of 51 Results