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    A week ago, I ordered a strap from a Canadian leatherworking guy who sells his stuff on Etsy. Not only did I like the look of the thing, but he was willing to make it extra long for me at no additional cost - 64" at midpoint. You loose a bit of length when using a strap on either the SG or the...
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    Any recommendations on where to get one? Primarily looking at either bullets (the higher caliber the better) or Snakeskin. These look ok, but the tacky ass web design is not terribly encouraging. HellsBelts
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    If I play for our set I start to get sore Ilwould leather or padded guitar straps help? I just use a standard cheapie strap right now
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    So I have a few extra straps laying around. Two of them are the really nice padded leather Levy's straps. These sell for like $60 from Sweetwater and such, the other one is just a plain leather Levy's. All three straps have Schaller straplocks with them and are in like new condition. I don't...
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    Kirk Hammett Guitar Straps Fuck your wah jokes. The leather ones cost $550. :lol:
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    This is an interesting idea.
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    ...Who makes them? Not for me, a mate of mine brought one in the 80's and now wants another for his strat, I confidently boasted that'd I'd be able to find one but my google-fu has failed me. Anyone know where on earth you can buy these grotesque straps? :lol:
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    Suck. That is all.
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    So, I'm getting the pickup in my acoustic installed properly, and having a second strap peg installed on the heel while they're at it, so I'll need a strap for it. I can't use my go-to (the Clip-Lok), obviously, so I'll need something different. I'm pretty sure I don't want leather, partly...
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    I own 18 of them. :lol: Best straps ever. Discuss.
1-11 of 11 Results