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  1. Music: Recording Studio
    I'm looking for a simple channel strip plugin - Reaper does not include a channel strip, and I don't always want to use "bigger" plugins when I don't need them. Less knobs often works better :) Anyone have a favorite?
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    Get a $250 Eventide Channel Strip, Free, for Any Platform - Create Digital Music A buddy of mine (from college, not part of this community, but knows his shit) posted this on Facebook last night - this is a new Eventide plugin, free until 7/8, $250 after that. It requires an iLok account (but...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I have an SLSMG I'd like to un-paint and just oil. I have lots of sand paper but I'm lazy. Any better ideas? I'd buy a suitable sanding gadget if needs be, but there might also only be half a guitar left when I'm done with that. I also have rather a lot of acetone; that do it or would it be...
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    Former Viking Bryant McKinnie sued over $375K strip club bill |
  5. General Music Discussion
    my band Curse of Samsara, good times:metal: Curse of Samsara
  6. General Music Discussion
    November Rain: The Comic from Dan Abramson Hilarious! :lol:
  7. General Music Discussion
    :ugh: The Gravestones, live at La Baires, June 9th. :taunt: