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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    This came into my hands a couple weeks ago - it's a 2002 Gibson Flying V Faded. It's mahogany and mahogany, of course. But unlike many of the other faded V's, it has an ebony fretboard with crescent moon inlays. I saw a couple minor issues when I picked it up: screw hole in one of the wings...
  2. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I can play a lot of rhythms pretty well - but one thing I constantly struggle with is developing my timing on the low-e galloping or palm muted fast 16th's at pace. I think I know what most of you are saying.."Oh for fucks sake progrmr quit being a pussy and play that's easy!!" I...
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    This project has been on the go since fuckin' christmas so it's been a LONG time coming. It was intended to be bright ass green, but I kinda like it like this. Anyways it's done now so I'm posting it here. Still working on a heaedstock decal I like, so that will be coming later on. Here's a...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Perfect example, probably my favorite metal album but all the new stuff is way too slow :\ Other than Sonata, CoB and Nightwish are other prime examples of the first 2-3 albums kicking total ass and everything else going down hill.
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    That amp suddenly is very appealing to me now. :agreed:
1-6 of 7 Results