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    Hi guys :metal: I've written about 35-40 minutes of demo-level music for television, film and video game clips since Christmas and I decided to condense a few of the tracks into a 4 minute mix of stuff. It's all very much work in progress, and this particular mix is heavily biased towards my...
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    Heading into some money troubles. Gotta get rid of some of this stuff at stupid prices. All of this stuff is in excellent condition. If you want pics, I can supply them. If any of you can help us out or know someone who would be interested in any of this stuff, hit me up. 5 piece Tama...
  3. General Music Discussion
    Oneiric Moor 2007 :: Allan Holdsworth Fans Community Resources The older interviews on the site clarified quite a few things.. That doubleneck he had, which we were speculating about on a while back, is in fact tuned with one neck in standard and the other in fifths. Apparently he'd...
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    Just found this today, I'm a fan of their artwork on deviantart, and apparently they've branched out into sound/music as well, and I'm really liking what they've got up so far. Flesh-Like on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
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    Just messing around last night. Would love to hear opinions on this. Symbiant
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    YouTube - Tim Donahue
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    First wanna say I used boober's EQ setting from one of his patches with a mix of two mesas. This is a patch with a Mesa Mark IV and a Mesa Mark IIC+ running together with light chorus, delay, reverb and slightly scooped EQ. SoundClick artist: djpharoah - page with MP3 music downloads The...
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    I got my Mac Pro delivered last week as an upgrade to my 2006 24" iMac and have spent the last few days installing hardware, installing sample libraries and transferring my files off of the old iMac (which is currently being sold). Holy s*** this thing is a monster :metal: I'm still waiting for...
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    This show was in the end of this summer