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    Had an awesome weekend this past weekend at one of our bigger regional car shows, Speed Sport East. Some vehicles i painted were entered in a few categories, and we won Best Car in class, best bike in class, Best Car Paint and Best Bike paint, and the snowmobile i painted won as well (not sure...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Rig-Talk ? View topic - Kiesel's customer service sucks! :rofl: well done, Jeff. How this company stays in business, I do not know.
  3. General Music Discussion
  4. General Music Discussion
    I know Flexkill did a thread on this but it was a year ago and no one picked up on it so let's try this again... This company is making these amp things with interchangeable preamp modules like Randall did years ago, but they're doing it with the actual wiring of known existent amps! The most...
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    Definitely worth a listen: Dat tone! So straty-casty.:cool:
  6. eBay Auctions
    Icons & Idols: Rock n' Roll 2016 Featuring Property From The Estate of Frank & Gail Zappa Musical stuff starts on page 5, lot of stuff here including instruments and recording gear. Furniture too :)
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Just wanted to share some of the stuff I made with my 3D printer. First up is a hanger with built-in pick shelf and a drill bit string winder. For the hanger, I changed all the printer settings to have the strongest end product. I haven't yet hung it on the wall (waiting to get some foam for...
  8. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey guys - First, I decided to downsize a bit on my amplifier cab. I sold the Mesa 4x12 with V30's and I'm buying an Avatar 2x12 with V30's this afternoon. The pricing of each gives me a little cash in my pocket and more room in my office because my Ironheart 60H and the Avatar are coming up...
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    ...from their collaboration with Mario Marino (the Axess Electronics guy): Mesa Boogie Buffers, Line Drives and Line Balancing | MESA/Boogie® They look pretty useful.
  10. General Music Discussion
  11. General Music Discussion
    ****slightly NSFW video*** What do you guys think about the new Joey Jordisson band (it is obviously HIS band, as you can barely see the guitar players faces in the whole music video) ? I actually enjoy this song quite much ! It's groovy, catchy and i think the ultra detuned guitars are very...
  12. General Music Discussion
    I am not much into Hatebreed and Hardcore in general, mostly because i get easily tired of the "bro do you even lift :flex:" stuff, but they released 3 songs from their upcoming album and it really caught me. I dig this. I am going to see them at Hellfest and i am looking forward to it...
  13. General Music Discussion
    It's Nails...but new!
  14. Music: Recording Studio
    I agreed to mix a Prog Metal band's first release and holy shit these songs are long. Too long. Anyway, here's a 1:00 clip... this song is like 8 fucking minutes total. :noway: Feel free to give any critique, sorry it's kind of a short clip but I don't feel like bouncing this whole track at the...
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    This is damn sexy. Simplistic, a bit O' spice by way of the zebrawood fretboard, but otherwise understated. Custom Shop DC7X Seven-String Extended Scale Guitar Serial Number 70115 | Also, why are Carvin/Kiesels getting so godawful heavy lately? this one's not bad @ 8lbs...
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Picked up a black Polytune 2 from reverb for $75, and I'm snagging a Pedalboard Pro with gigback, unused, from craigslist for $100. My pedal setup is becoming good. Anyway, the TC polytune is sick, and the black one is dope, it has white and blue LED's. Looks wicked.
  17. Science 101 with Leon
    Just like the title implies, see some stuff in space (there's a fuck ton of it) :) Debris, satellites, rocket parts, etc. Stuff in Space
  18. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Yamaha unveils THR100HD and THR100H guitar amp heads | MusicRadar
  19. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I've been going through something of an experimental stage lately, but actually enjoying trying different things, rather than stressing myself out trying to make "ultimate" decisions about gear. Just going with the flow, and if something isn't working, try something else. With some aspects of...
  20. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I didn't really mean to, but hey, what can you do? :lol: First up: Trailer Trash pedalboard. Awesome, well built board. The side has holes drilled out and plugged so you can install Neutrik jacks and I'll probably do that once I figure out the final configuration for what's going on top. Also...