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  1. General Music Discussion
    Surprised there's no thread about it. Band has recently reformed and we get to hear Roy Khan's awesome voice again.
  2. General Music Discussion
    Russell Allen would apparently rather sing bullshit stuff with Adrenaline Mob than front one of the greatest metal bands out there. Russell Allen: '''There'''s No Future Plans For Symphony X At This Time''' - On the other hand, Underworld seemed a little bit uninspired, so...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I thought someone would find this interesting.
  4. General Music Discussion
    This is beyond awesome! I am looking very much forward to hearing what Pinnella has written. Since his previous album was quite good as well! Hear some songs from the first album:
  5. General Music Discussion
    So I made a mashup yesterday for the sake of fun! Funny enough, this took Very little pitch shifting(just during the pre-chorus everything else is normal pitch). I did have to speed up the vocals, but just a tiny...
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Haven't been here in a while but had to show off the new girl... V220 w/ Floyd bridge & locking nut swamp ash body with antique ash treatment burled maple top trans nightburst w/ DTS gloss body painted satin back of neck 5 piece all maple neck reverse pointy headstock burl maple...
  7. General Music Discussion
    The other day I was searching Symphony X live videos and I came across this video of Michael Pinella playing with his nephew, Chris Pinella (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and he has a solo in the middle of one of his sets and it is absolutely gorgeous! Pinella is an underrated pianist and...
  8. General Music Discussion
    What do y'all think of this band? I recently transcribed a tune for a student and was impressed by the writing and playing. The singer is in Adrenaline Mob as well yes ? The song was Electric Messiah .. It's been on my treadmill playlist ever sinse transcribing the tune lol.
  9. General Music Discussion
    Symphony X's page... Michael Romeo's Soundcloud Page: This is so EPIC! Michael Romeo composing in association with Hans Zimmer would be one of the greatest moments ever! Romeo's compositions are quite Epic and they honestly sound like a second part to the Odyssey! :flex:
  10. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Here ya go! Everything you need to know in order to play Marty Friedman's kick ass solo on Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction. It's a beast, and he puts down a lot of really cool ideas here. Enjoy and subscribe to my channel please!
  11. General Music Discussion
    How is Marty Friedman such a badass? I think this is the first solo of his i have learned, and it definitely won't be the last! Guy's phrasing, timing, and note choice are unlike anything i've ever worked on. totally nuts. Anyways, thanks for watching!
  12. General Music Discussion
    If you enjoy Dream Theater or Symphony X. Then you are certainly going to enjoy this band. It's just straight forward progressive metal and it is quite excellent! :yesway: Their guitarist is a profound player and he really knows his way around the fretboard. Not to mention the first video has...
  13. General Music Discussion
    If you dont have the album you can listen to it here and of course you're gonna buy it cause this fuckin' album kicks ass.
  14. General Music Discussion
    Just saw Symphony X last night at the Howard Theater in DC. The crowd was small (less than 100 people), but they still put on an energized show. This was my first time seeing them live and I have to say, the singer, Russ Allen, is the real deal. He sounds amazing live. And of course Michael...
  15. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Note: This is not me. :lol:
  16. General Music Discussion
    I'm thinking of purchasing the VIP ticket for an extra 20ish bucks so I can meet the band, get some cool posters and a t-shirt. :yesway: anyone else going? The show in LA is next Saturday and I'm sure it's going to be killer! also Warbringer is opening and they're always fun. :metal:
  17. General Music Discussion
    The singer in this band just totally destroys, he has amazing power metal cleans with brutal death metal growls. They just came out with their EP, and its available to stream on their band camp: Nostalgia | Corelia Have been really digging these guys, also FYI the singer is currently on tour...
  18. General Music Discussion
    I love this song, it's an early fave. The whole album is dominating my playlist right now.
1-20 of 27 Results