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  1. General Music Discussion
    That. Fucking. Riff. :holy:
  2. General Music Discussion
    Man check this out. Elite:yesway: Lab Series:yesway: Midiverb:yesway:=:drool: This is the best match I have ever heard, it's basicaly the same setup Ty was using back in the day. The most unique tone ever in my book, and the best.:facemelt:
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Found this looking around for King's X stuff.. Preowned Guilford Ty Tabor Signature Model | Rebel Guitars Holy shit.
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    As I said in the King's X thread, i've been learning King's X songs all day.....i've also been fiddling with VSTs. These tones are not 100% there, but they're quite good IMO, as close as I could probably get to Ty's L5 and Mesa tones with a Tele and VSTs. At the end, I also solo the guitars...
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    And man, that was nice :agreed: Was totally unexpected, I just happened to be near a music shop and went in, struck up a bit of a convo with the dude behind the counter and was getting ready to walk out when I spotted it. Played it through a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36, which was also a...
  6. General Music Discussion
    He's one of my favorite guitar players ever and I shall now use his birthday to post up lots of Ty Tabor goodness.
  7. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    Ty Tabor: King's X Lesson - Guitar World Pretty cool tip on how be rotates the muted chugs between the low and the high strings to add depth/width.
  8. General Music Discussion
    If you're a Ty Tabor/King's X fan this is really worth the time to watch.
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Ty Tabor (King's X) Custom Dean USA Soltero Goldtop - eBay (item 200532768490 end time Oct-24-10 19:26:45 PDT) Quite surprised he went with these specs, as pretty much all his other sigs have been much less traditional...
  10. General Music Discussion
    This guy is fuckin' awesome.
  11. General Music Discussion
    This dude has it.
  12. General Music Discussion
    No-one solos like this man...period.
1-13 of 13 Results