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  1. Music: Recording Studio
    Hey everyone, Mixing/Mastering my album right now and I'd appreciate some mix critiques. UPDATED MIX: Thanks! :metal::hbang:
  2. General Music Discussion
    Last night the girls were messing with my "just loaded with 4gb of totally random stuff from my laptop" iPod. After I got over the initial shock that there might be "non-kid-friendly" stuff on there (I didn't see anything obvious), I showed them how to hook it up to a boom box and let them go...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I've been playing a regular yellow Tortex, and really like the more giving feel plus the texture. However I still prefer the shape of the Big Stubby. I see the Tortex Tear Drop is a similar shape; has anyone played both? If so, I'm just curious how close they are in shape and size. There are two...
  4. General Music Discussion
    My former bass player's band is looking for a vocalist and I've had some interest. I wanted to see what I could do with one of their tunes so I had him send me an Mp3 that I could play with. Vocals were recorded with an SM58 into a...
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I just received 4 Celestion G12K-85 speakers to put into my Peavey 412MS to replace the stock Sheffields. I got them all hooked up and installed (havent had a chance to test them with my 6505+ yet since I live in an apartment), just one small of the speakers came with a tear in the...
1-5 of 5 Results