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    I will become part of the community before i spam it with my shit.
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    You guys ever get tired of taking all your strings off to clean the fretboard or work on a fret? Check it: Cut up a wire hanger Bend a little piece up Shishkabob a piece of foam or wrap it in paper Bent the ends outward Curl those sharp ends under Check it for size, bending...
  4. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    If you play any kind of staccato stuff on the guitar, you probably notice a slight HRRRNNNG after the notes. This, in addition to foaming the springs if you have a trem, will help shut that crap up: Go grab some of this foam tubing from Home Depot. You can get like 20 feet for $4. You'll...
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    "Three Sheets" market research. They get wasted and test shit. :lol: A Drunk Person Tries Windows 8 For the First Time
  6. Science 101 with Leon
    Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction | DVICE Seriously, read it. It's amazing.
  7. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Hi guys, As the tittle says, I am looking for a good guitar tech in Central London (UK). I now there are a number of guitar repair shops around Denmark street but if someone know a trustworthy tech and wants to pass on the details that would be great. Thanks!
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    You should probably not do this. Ever. At least, not without someone else in the room, with 911 on standby :lol: Did some work on my tele copy project tonight, took some video :wub:
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    so i recently started a new project thats kind of cross country but fun as hell, here is a playthrough of one of the songs, this is just guitar and drums i programmed the project does have a vocalist, bassist, and a drummer just havent had time to do their parts yet
  10. General Music Discussion Chronocide | Facebook To save me trying to describe them; off their 'about' "Filthy, blackened urban blight fed through a grindcore blender - Terrorizer" They have 3 tracks from a forthcoming split (that will have 6) up on their page...
  11. MG.ORG Status Updates
    Once upon a time I tried to split pickups into their own forum, but lumped wiring in with them. This was a tad confusing, because the tech forum right below it was also about wiring... This has been widely regarded as a bad idea, so it's been changed. The pickup forum is now just for discussing...
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    The HAARP Machine - Studio Video #2 - YouTube Not sure if any of you guys have checked out "The Haarp Machine" yet. its some really crazy riffage with amazing drumming.
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    As you guys may have seen in this past thread, I recently scored a black OFR7 on the cheap. The Lo-TRS7 in my Ibanez RG7420BP (dubbed Blackbeard) must be replaced. A lot of you may know that the Original Floyd Rose 7 is a drop-in replacement for quite a few older Ibanez tremolos. One thing that...
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    Had a problem where my Decimator started to cut in and out. When I wiggled the Filter Tracking knob, the sound got clearer (not perfect), let it go and it cuts out again. I taped the Filter Tracking knob as far to the left as it would hold, and it worked. I gave it over to an electronics tech...
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    I am thinking of trying to do this my self, but is it worth it or should I just spend the money for someone else to do it? I know some benefits would be I could start doing this to my friends guitars and when/if I get good enough start doing it as a side job. What do you guys think? Should I...
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    What do they usually charge you? I'm talking things like set-ups, pickup swaps, and other general work, etc. I've never used a tech other than this one cool old dude that Shannon introduced me to who you have to pretty much force money into his hand. Even then, it's only been for stuff that I...
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    Anyone own one of these? Tech 21 BSDR SansAmp Bass Driver DI: Musical Instruments I know that Drew has a rack SansAmp DI that he's pretty happy with, but I'd like something a little more compact. The reviews seem relatively positive. Is there something out there in the 200-300...
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    Well, this looks bloody awesome... Usually tours in the UK get ruined by putting some bloody awful band on (usually Trigger The Bloodshed) in the middle of some awesome ones, but there isn't a band here who I don't want to see. The only other gig I've been to like that was Evergrey, Amaranthe...