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    Has anyone else messed around with this sort of thing, using the humble piece of plastic to fake classical fingerstyle technique? Good examples would be Greg Howe's classical-sounding pieces like 'Desiderata' or Van Halen's 'Little Guitars' intro, where they pick notes on the high strings while...
  2. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I've been logging a lot of metronome practice lately, working on my picking and legato, and despite a bit of a hangover this morning which usually screws with my technique I've been up and rocking out for the past hour, hour and a half, and everything's just flowing perfectly. :D It's a cool...
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    Tips for Using Wah from James Byrd | Dinosaur Rock Guitar The guy's very ummmmm...'opinionated', but there're some interesting thought here.
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    Just checking out this guy's other YT vids...there's some absolutely stunning stuff!
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    Ok, the last couple days I've been 1.) playing a ton of Diablo II in preparation for the eventual release of Diablo III, and feeling bad about being such a bum, and 2.) simultaneously feeling bad that I've got this gorgeous Sherman 5-string on my wall that I can't do justice to because I'm kind...