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    DON DOKKEN Weighs In On LYNCH/PILSON 'Heavy Hitters' Album: 'I Hope My Standards As A Songwriter Are A Little Higher Than That'
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    This crap has been collecting dust in my staircase for almost a year and I don't even know why I thought this would be a good idea to begin with... Honestly, this is my worst idea ever, and I know I have done some really stupid projects :ugh: Bye!!!!!!!!!
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    VEKTOR Frontman Arrested For Throwing Beer At Christian Protester - Metal Injection | Latest News | Metal Injection "Alright alright alright. As many of you know it was an intriguing evening in Memphis after the show itself (which did rule, thanks to you all, by the way). We'd like to clarify a...
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    That's me circa yesterday night. :lol: Lucky for me I survived, considering that Amon Amarth is the pre-eminent headbanging band (higher headbanging quota than any other band) I think its safe to say that I will never headbang this much again in my entire fucking life. Not only was it a regular...