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  1. General Music Discussion
    Former Nevermore And Forbidden Guitarist Tim Calvert Dies At 52 -
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    When I saw this on Facebook I had no clue who Tim Howley was until I looked him up and found he was in a band I'm kind of familiar with (Fit For An Autopsy). Either way, this guitar is what I'd spec given the opportunity to have an LACS built. To me it's damn near perfect.
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    ...on eBay under the accounts "zoesandra" or "tbaer0610". He's just reselling Chinese or Korean junk at a 300% mark up. This thread details part of it... WTB- Randy Rhoads polka dot V - (The pertinent info starts at post #6 in that thread, BTW...) I got ebay to rule in my favor...
  4. Sports Talk
    His voice, to me, is the color voice of MLB. He will be missed. Goodbye, Tim McCarver : The New Yorker
  5. General Music Discussion
    Primus Reuniting With Drummer Tim Alexander | Music News | Rolling Stone If things go accordingly to plan, they'll hit the studio. So who knows what's up for now. At least they're back together for the time being. :eek:
  6. General Music Discussion
    Heavy metal singer Tim Lambesis arrested in murder-for-hire plot - police | Reuters WAT.
  7. General Music Discussion
    A: Fucking awesome! :metal: :D
  8. Sports Talk
    Too bad he couldn't keep Bolton out of his net.
  9. General Music Discussion
    Funny as fuck Aussie musical comic, holy shit can this guy play the piano. Best way I can describe him is a cross between Bill Bailey & Russel Brand (mainly for the image).
  10. General Music Discussion
    Quirky, funny, thought-provoking (sometimes), and just amazing musically and lyrically. :bowdown: WARNING: If you are religious or easily offended (yeah, right, here?) I strongly recommend not watching these ;) A little bit more serious, a lot more moving, but still amazing:
  11. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Tim Miller Prototype Guitar Me like!:drool:
  12. General Music Discussion
    Really like this guy's tone and phrasing, and that guitar (it's either a Klein or a Canton, I can't really see close enough to tell for sure) is pretty cool...
  13. General Music Discussion
    YouTube - Tim Donahue
  14. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Apple - Trailers - 9 - Large Directed by the guy who did Wanted.. so it might be short on substance, but it'll have a lot of style. It already does - looks very very cool. Also, what song is that? Sounds sooo familiar..
1-15 of 18 Results