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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I got this 2017 Jackson Monarkh SCXMG a few weeks ago but fucked around and didn't post a thread till now. This is a cheapo, but I've got another short-scale Jackson on it's way to me--a real unicorn in the Jackson/Charvel world (much more so than either the AT Soloist Pro or 750xl). So...
  2. General Music Discussion
    I just can't believe how heavy then end up being with the band. I didn't expect it and I love Bumblefoot is in a band that he can be himself. I really hope these guys stay together. Finally a good Prog Band besides DGM.
  3. General Music Discussion
    This song is awesome. Donkey Kong Country has such beautiful music, and he really does it justice. I encourage you to check out all of his videos, cause they are all great. :yesway:
  4. Science 101 with Leon
    For solar flares. :agreed: Solar storm headed toward Earth
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    ...for sneeze'n. :flowers:
  6. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    It's Ash. I like 'em scooped, and I play with a lot of gain. The blazes just aren't cutting it. Go! :wub:
1-6 of 7 Results