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    I was going to hold off posting this until I had time to do a video, but work hasn't let off and I didn't want to wait anymore. Not a lot to say. Great looking guitar, great sounding guitar. Thick meaty neck.
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    I'm tired of snusing (makes your teeth look and feel horrible), but I'm not looking to quit all out. I switched back to smoking, and I forgot how much that makes you feel like shit. :lol: Anyone know a good vapor pipe you can load with pipe tobacco? Looking at this. VaporGenie Vaporizers - All...
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    References: sevenstringer37 on (have a few iTrader ratings there), atatristar on ebay, client for elysian (he's building my FF9). Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California USA Price:$500 shipped CONUS (no trades) Pictures: PRS SE Semihollow Soapbar pictures by lockheedkorn -...
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    It's fast becoming my favourite finish! Post yours! (or ones you like)
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    I've been smoking a pipe for a little while now, and I find it quite enjoyable. I have a small meerschaum pipe and I'm hoping to get one of these for Christmas. Mahogany Calabash - Original Sherlock Holmes Pipe, Mahogany Calabash Series Not only for the Sherlock Holmes association...I like the...