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    ... and I'm suppose to work. :noway: Maybe I can get out of work! :idea:
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    This is in my local shop, I'm not getting it but not sure if anyone else is interested: Used Mesa Boogie MARK III BLUE STRIPE Tube Guitar Amp 50 Watts | Tube Guitar Amps | Music Go Round Colorado Springs
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    Long story short, my landlords are getting divorced. They're selling the house and he wants to move into our place. We found this place on concord, which is nice n all, but it's just not a town I know. Ashland has become a part of me from living here for so long. This past week I've been...
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    Was this just a Jacksonville thing? Or is this all over? It doesn't matter, because I'm not even in town right now, but damn I probably would have made plans to be! Welcome to Rockville
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    Now, before you flame me for being a Marilyn Manson fan, I should tell you... okay, I'm a Marilyn Manson fan. Shit, that didn't work out. I have no excuse. Thank you, sir, may I have another. Moving on. Manson is coming to Tulsa... and I'm going to be the 50-yr-old idiot in the pit. That...
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    Man this band kicked ass, Leon linked me Cold Sweat (it was awesome :yesway:) and it spurred me to get back into Thin Lizzy more and I came across this show and I keep pressing the replay button. :metal:
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    Just saw these guys last night, and once again they put on a fantastic show. My best friend had our tickets but he was running late so unfortunately I missed Northlane's set. Buy the time we got in Karnivool were just about to begin. It's really cool when you see a band from the early stages...
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    :metal: This album is fucking awesome. Didn't realize how much I missed this kind of awesome riff-heavy, harmonized Celtic rock. Sounds fantastic too.
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    Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to getting into the forums here at MG! I have a lot to learn, and you all seem to have a lot to teach. I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.
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    This is a pretty cool video. Time lapse shot around my home town. I've lived here my entire life, and I'm one of the few here who actually looks around at the city. This is how I see my home town, and it's why I love it here, while some can't wait to get out. Is it perfect? Far from it. But it's...
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    As a preface to all this, all but one of the local shops here in London were bought out and taken over by Long & McQuade. I wasn't sure what to expect but it looks like all the little guys got to keep their jobs and now have to wear a tie (lol). I was out getting my photo ID done up and...
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    WTF BSL ALERT: Bristol, Connecticut | Bless the Bullys And they make the meeting at a rediculous time too
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    Hey all, I just wandered in from the JCF forum (among others) and figured I'd better state my business. I play Jacksons primarily, with a few different functional rigs using mostly Peavey, Carvin and ART gear. I'm also the founder/songwriter/lead guitarist (and the manager, booking agent and...
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    Missed the premiere last week but caught the second episode last night. :rofl: So glad these guys are all back together. Too bad it's limited to 8 parts. I hope they do more. :lol:
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    Seriously, I'm in NYC for the week. There should be at least a few open jams every night, but I can only find a few places that a) either charge a lot of money or b) only do jazz, which isn't really my bag, baby. Anyone know of any locations?
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    So I spent some time taking pictures of my hometown on the weekend before I left. I would like some feedback as i know that the lighting or focus isn't that great in some of them. I also just want to hear people's thoughts of what they think of the town. I plan on taking similar pics when the...
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    Het guys, just signed up after Drew made a shameless plug on another bbs he hangs at.;) A little about me. I'm a crotchety old bloke heading rapidly towards fifty. Been a luthier for thirty years most of that full time. I've built and repaired just about every kind of box out there and am...