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    This shit isn't being made up. It's very real. Your iPhone is silently and constantly logging your location I expect Apple will very shortly be raked over the coals for this. There's no good reason for them to be logging this information, let alone leaving the data unencrypted.
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    Ahhh, now I don't have to keep going back to every 5 minutes :lol: Apple - Downloads - Dashboard Widgets - Delivery Status
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    LTD M-307 w/EMG 81-7 & 60-7 > Maxon OD808 > 5150 > Palmer PGA-04 > Tascam US-122 > Cubase > Mesa 4 x 12 impulses > low pass/high pass > multiband comp > your face. Excuse sloppy playing. Also using WAY too much gain there but I'm still playing...
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    My band just posted a video documenting guitar tracking for our new album, "Atrophy," which should be coming out later this year: spam We also have a couple other videos on that account, so check them out if you like it. Our other links: spam
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    How does everyone prefer to do this? Do you generally prefer to record dry and add the delay in the mix, or record all the echoes to tape as you play? Just curious, as this morning I had quite good results running the dry out of my delay pedal into one input of my four-track, and the effected...
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    Seriously. They aren't nearly as flat as most "studio headphones" so I wouldn't necessarily advocate them for mixing, and it goes without saying that while positioning a mic you're either going to want to use something else or, preferable, record a couple seconds of a "test" clip once you think...
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    swift. not entirely smooth, but slightly sleek at least. and just a little bit sibilant. H
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