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  1. The Car and Bike Forum
    Yeah... it's not the super cool ST... but, oh well :D It's way peppier than the Malibu, so that's a plus. And, I think I can still fit a 4x12 in the back hatch? :lol:
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I purchased a 6505 MH a couple months ago - and I liked it. It did what I expected, but the more I played it, the more I felt it was a bit of a one-trick pony. During the process of choosing the 6505 MH, I also looked at the Laney Ironheart IRT 15, but passed. This Ironheart 60H showed up in...
  3. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    As you may be aware, I may have somewhat been a tad, a wee, a little, just a tiny bit obnoxious with my heckling of Drew over the last year about his cycling. We finally got out for our first ride together today and did this: And I have to say, Drew is a damn strong rider. :yesway: Honestly...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Well, this is an Ibanez ARZIR20. I was interested in this because I have never played an Ibanez single cut and wanted to. I traded my Schecter Hellraiser off for this one, and it arrived at my office today. The fretwork is very good, the ebony board is nice and smooth, and the 25" scale length...
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Whats up folks, long time since last time Well, so I'm looking for some opinions and hints on this Framus Cobra thing because it is just not cutting it for me. I used to have a Mesa RK which I love, and was pretty happy with it. I didn't have the proper cab for it though., then a friend came...
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Jackson KE-2 Custom. Sending off a PGM100, Ibanez PF200 and Heartfield Talon IV for it. Value works out to be about the same. Yes, the Ibby fr00t brute is cutting the Ibanez down to a more respectable number. Gonna sell off maybe 10 or so. I also ordered 2 custom guitars from Carvin but those...
  7. Sports Talk
    :mad: news: Vikings reacquire WR Moss in deal with Patriots For a fuckin' third round pick? WTF?
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I traded my Indonesian RG7321 loaded with Dimarzios and Sperzels for this: An Ibanez Millennium Destroyer + $75. :roll2: I'm not a %100 on the guitar yet, but it's definitely growing on me. What do ya'll think of my trade? I bought the RG7 at a pawnshop for $200, and the pickups+tuners...
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Patience is a virtue, as they say. As some of you may know, I've been having a hell of a time getting my RoV to jive at band volumes. At first I thought the amp was a lemon. So I put it in the shop and it came back with a clean bill of health. Still, I was left unsatisfied. So the other day I...
  10. Sports Talk
    Well there’s the end of the Red Sox dynasty. :lol:
1-10 of 10 Results