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    Hey guys! So I told Mayones I wanted to try korina out as a body wood on their Regius model, and around that time I got to try a guitar with TT frets as well as a separate guitar with an Evertune bridge. Figured I might as well have Mayones craftily put the 3 together for a guitar that should...
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    If you can't get behind a little Ministry on a Friday Night, fuck you.
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    Than rosewood? I've heard people say it's only happened to their maple fretboard guitars but never their rosewood ones.
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    Catcher in the Rye dropped from US school curriculum - Telegraph :facepalm:
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    I must say the last week it feels I've been thrown to hell and back. The reasons are True Temperament and Evertune bridges. I've known about the techniques for a while but never had a chance to try a guitar with either one of them. So I finally got to try one and I'm totally sold on it. Sure...
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    Old news. Still funny.
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    Guitar Cases I'm sure it's a fantastic case, but :eek: These seem to be popular for the "elite" acoustic builders, but they make cases for electric guitars too.
  8. Science 101 with Leon
    If only ... : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
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    This is pretty interesting.
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    that it's hard to go back to normal?
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    Anyone besides me and Matt Johnsen going? Willkommen auf Arch/Matheos :hbang: Pyschotic Waltz :hbang: Sword, Anvil, Tension, Mystic Force :hbang:
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    SOLD! :yesway: FS: Zakk Wylde model Crybaby Wah modded w/ on/off LED and True Bypass switching. Stock, the Zakk wah is the Crybaby circuit upgraded to a red Fasel inductor and metal-film resistors, and with the lower sweep-range cap from the Hendrix Crybaby. This one was modded with True...
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    Hello forum.. I´m new here. I tried a couple of other forums and google/youtube but didnt find anything usefull to me. I hope that you can help me:) I have played guitar for a little more than 1year. First half I learned the basics of guitar. I have now learned the "basics" of playing metal...
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    The thing I hate the most about getting a new CD is peeling the sticker off the jewel case and it always leaves the glue and the under part of the sticker! Drives me nuts!
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    Usually I hate remakes but this looks interesting
  17. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Been seeing the trailers for this lately and it's got me interested: True Grit (2010) - IMDb The original is most certainly a classic, so what I'm digging about this one is that it's billed more as another adaptation of the novel than it is a remake of the John Wayne film.
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    DAR amps on facebook keep an eye on the fs forum over at ss. There might be a few axe-fx's for sale soon.
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    Pretty anti-climatic. Any other fans here? A really good season with a crap ending, IMO. Still, I'll be getting HBO again next summer when season 4 starts. :D
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    I don't usually join random Facebook groups, but this one made some excellent points: Whatever happened to the TRUE values of HEAVY METAL?! | Facebook